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Branch Metrics grabs $3M to make mobile app referrals actually work in one click

We might be shifting to mobile and that might mean a lot of wonderful things, but mobile is still not as easy to organize as the Web is when it comes to linking. The inability to transmit data through the app store means that downloading an app doesn’t take you to a specific or personalized piece of content the way clicking on a web link for a referral does, and that’s a huge problem for companies.

Crushing your next mobile app install campaign

Historically, many developers have obsessed over their app store rank. But if you’re focusing on quantity versus quality of users, you’re likely going to miss important strategies that will generate longer revenue streams that translate into strong lifetime value of your users.

On the heels of the iCloud security mess, Duo Security raises $12M for its two-factor authentication service

Apple’s iCloud recent security issues occurred as the company was readying to announce the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch — ill timing, considering customers won’t buy any product that doesn’t keep our data safe. Thanks to this episode, one of the proposed Band-Aid solutions known as two-factor authentication has been getting some new attention. Now companies such as Duo Security are reaping the benefits.