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The Docker team in 2014.

Docker has acquired early-stage networking startup Socketplane

Docker, the startup that has spearheaded a revolution in application development by popularizing container technology for packaging up application code, has added networking talent to its team by acquiring a months-old startup laser-focused on networking for containers, Socketplane, the company announced today in a blog post.

IBM Denis van Zuijlekom Flickr

IBM acquires AlchemyAPI to bring deep learning to Watson

Technology heavyweight IBM today is announcing that it has acquired AlchemyAPI, a startup with a service for making inferences on images and text using a form of trendy artificial intelligence called deep learning. The idea is to bolster the IQ of IBM’s Watson “cognitive” computing system with AlchemyAPI’s tools.

Alation chief executive Satyen Sangani, third from right, with others from the startup.

Alation, a stealthy information-management startup, gets $9M

These days, big companies have data stuck in lots of places, making it hard to come up with insights that can bring meaningful results. A startup called Alation wants to make all that corporate data more accessible, and today the startup is announcing a new $9 million funding round.