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New Explore button on Google Maps instantly localizes user experience

As reported by VentureBeat this week, Google’s mobile mapping fronts the list of applications that have propelled Now, Google’s voice/personalization app, from obscurity to a shade better performance than deeply loved Siri on iOS. Now (not the voice app, but like, right now), Google is going hyperlocal with a new Explore button. So says Taj Campbell, Google Maps product manager, in a tip to VB.

Latest Nginx Plus launch embraces end-to-end application traffic management

Release 4 of Nginx Plus, the commercial version of the exceptionally popular open source web accelerator, is now available. The company says the new release responds to industry needs to accelerate distributed apps as they connect securely to external services. Release 4 also eases deployment of application components across clouds and on-premises locations.

Pinterest has big data, and it knows how to share

Pinterest is no National Security Agency, but the company, which identifies itself as a “visual discovery tool,” has grown into a collector of plenty information. Like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other web giants, Pinterest has developed sophisticated systems for storing the data, but it’s also built a tool that lets lots of employees get at it.

Is sales automation the missing piece to turbocharging revenues?

Talk to any sales rep in the tech world and you’ll hear about the gap. It’s the gap between marketing and CRM.While maybe not as big as the Grand Canyon, that gap is big enough to hold the mile-high frustrations of countless sales representatives who’d love to spend more time selling and less time in task management.