Hey, Mr. DJ

From the “we keep forgetting to blog this” category, it seems that Chris Tolles will have more than just promoting Topix.net to keep him busy. Tolles, co-founder of Spoke Software and now vp of marketing for Topix, will be hosting a radio show on the new WebMasterRadio.FM, a 24-hour internet radio station set to debut next week at the WebMasterWorld Conference in Las Vegas.

As the name implies, the station’s programming is geared toward webmasters and search engine marketing types. But the press release says Tolles’ show will be a “cutting-edge technology show previewing the latest in technology, services and products hitting the internet.” It’s for 26 episodes. Tolles insists he was cajoled into it. Uh-huh. Whatever. We’ll be tuned in.


  1. Topix – Live and On the Air

    The folks at Webmasterradio have asked me to host a segment on their new web radio network — I’ll be hosting NextStuff Now, a show about new stuff on the web, taking you behind the scenes with the people, products…

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