Grouper’s ScreenBites gives you famous video/TV clips

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screenbites.jpgGrouper has just released a bunch of 30-second or so clips of famous film and TV content from the library of its new owner, Sony.

It has released the first 100 of these clips under a separate channel, called ScreenBites. This is something that Grouper can do now that is owned by a studio.

youhearwhat.bmpThis a great idea, because there are always scenes or lines you remember and carry with you in life, but which are hard to find because you often can’t find them without watching the whole move.

Grouper’s chief exec Josh Felser says Grouper has looked for the clips that have resonated with our culture in some way. For example, you may remember the “Hear what I’m saying?” scene from Jerry Maguire; click on image at left for the ScreenBite.

The idea, of course, is to make money. You’ll fall in love with the scene again, and want to buy the movie online — and Grouper gives you a way to do that. Secondly, Felser thinks people will want to add these clips to their home pages at MySpace or other sites — where they’ll get additional exposure, and perhaps draw more customers.