Intuit buys Digital Insight for $1.35 billion — to expand into banks’ Web sites

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Financial software giant Intuit is buying a company that will allow its users to manage their finances directly from their banks’ Web site.

Intuit, of Mountain View, said it will buy Digital Insight, of Calabasas, Calif., a company provides software to mid-sized banks and credit unions, for $1.35 billion. It is just the latest move by Intuit to try to expand its presence online, and it follows a partnership with Google announced two months ago to let users use some Google services.

Here’s a good summary of the deal in the Mercury News. Specifically, this is interesting because it potentially will let a small business owner manage their payroll or track their company’s expenses directly from their online bank account, without opening a separate software program. They might be to see what bills are coming due, so they can plan and schedule payments.