Prowling with Profilelinker

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profilelinkerlogo.bmpProfilelinker, a Boston start-up, is the latest service letting you aggregate data from your profiles on multiple social networking sites.

It lets you keep track of everything in this increasingly networked world. It also lets you track the activities of your friends, who may be on multiple networks.

It is moving to SF, and apparently raising an angel round, according to VentureWire. It has a cross-platform search, so you can find, conveniently, all the women aged 18 through 25 within ten miles of you. See partial screenshot below. Wink already has this prowling feature too.

We wrote about Spokeo here, another effort to aggregate what your friends do on other sites. However, Profilelinker lets you go the other way too, allowing you to create a profile and distribute it to different sites, which is what GoingOn and PeopleAggregator have tried to offer.

So far, it isn’t clear how much uptake these sorts of sites will have.