Facebook to make changes, but wants feedback

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facebooklog.jpgFacebook, the popular social networking site, is planning to simplify the design of its users profile and feed pages, and to create new network pages.

And lest it suffer a negative reaction, as it has with prior changes, it has created a “Facebook Sneak Preview” group to get feedback before it implements them.

Facebook’s Katie Geminder has posted about the sneak preview here.

Highlights: The Profile page will be a little sleeker, including fewer links under the profile picture and a briefer Mini-Feed (see below for image). Your messages and shares will be found in one inbox, and you reply to shares instead of commenting on them. You can message several people at once, and they can reply to everyone on the thread, like email. Finally, each network will have their own page; see this one for UCLA, for example, which shows events happening at the network.

Here’s more info.