Nokia also has an iPhone “killer” in the works

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nokiatube040808.jpgThe iPhone “killers” are coming out in droves. Last week, it was Samsung’s “Instinct” (and let’s just say some have said using it is “less than instinctive“). Now, Finnish mobile giant Nokia is starting to show off its own killer, code-named ‘Tube.’

The company says the phone will be its “first touch device.” The phone will include support for Java software applications, a photo-taking app, and presumably a video service and other multimedia features. The photo in this screenshot is apparently from a promo shot off of Shrek The Third.

What does this remind me of? Oh yes, PC manufacturers who said they could beat a Mac on design and ease-of-use. But more likely Nokia will compete on market size, which is what one of its vice presidents, Tom Libretto, said at a conference in Redwood City, Calif. where the company was talking up the phone. Apple has only sold around four million iPhones through January — but “we’ve done that [volume] since we’ve had dinner on Friday,” he said.

Who’s smug now?

[Photo via The Register ]