The Sequoia "RIP: Good Times" presentation: Here it is

Silicon Valley has been trying to digest news of a secret meeting held by top venture firm Sequoia Capital earlier this week. At the meeting, leading Sequoia partners laid out bleak short and long-term scenarios for the world economyand strong medicine for the firm’s portfolio companies.

Notes from the presentation have since been leaking out. Now, a very kind anonymous tipster has sent in the slides used at the meeting. Because it matches previously-leaked information, we’re assuming it’s real.

Among other things, the “RIP: Good Times” gravestone we heard about is included (pictured). Take a look for yourselves — there’s lots of detail about what went wrong in the economy, why the recovery is going to take awhile, and what startups can do to survive.

Here’s the presentation:



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  31. […] The seeds of cheap cloud computing, social networking & mobile were planted and then the 2008 financial crisis brought a hurricane that swept much of the old, dead brush from the venture capital industry and ushered in a new phase perhaps best punctuated by Sequoia’s famous and now ironic presentation “RIP Good Times.” […]

  32. […] 2007年是一个转折性的年份。Facebook在大学校园里普及起来;Twitter通过科技达人们在SxSW音乐节上流行起来,并获得了第一轮投资;第一部iPhone也在这一年发布;性价比高的云计算服务、社会化网络和移动互联网都在这一阶段萌芽。随后的2008年,金融危机来临,一批模式老旧的公司死了,但同时也清理了整个VC行业。红杉资本赋予了这个时代一个名词:风暴过后的美好时代(RIP Good Times)。 […]

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  34. […] 2007年是一个转折性的年份。Facebook在大学校园里普及起来;Twitter通过科技达人们在SxSW音乐节上流行起来,并获得了第一轮投资;第一部iPhone也在这一年发布;性价比高的云计算服务、社会化网络和移动互联网都在这一阶段萌芽。随后的2008年,金融危机来临,一批模式老旧的公司死了,但同时也清理了整个VC行业。红杉资本赋予了这个时代一个名词:风暴过后的美好时代(RIP Good Times)。 […]

  35. […] 2007年是一个转折性的年份。Facebook在大学校园里普及起来;Twitter通过科技达人们在SxSW音乐节上流行起来,并获得了第一轮投资;第一部iPhone也在这一年发布;性价比高的云计算服务、社会化网络和移动互联网都在这一阶段萌芽。随后的2008年,金融危机来临,一批模式老旧的公司死了,但同时也清理了整个VC行业。红杉资本赋予了这个时代一个名词:风暴过后的美好时代(RIP Good Times)。 […]

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