ESPN comes to the iPhone — with an addictive bar game

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Frequenters of any good sports bar will know the game Cameraman. Basically, you see two versions of the same picture side-by-side and you point out the differences on a touchscreen monitor that is usually placed up at a bar. You know what else has a touchscreen? Your iPhone.

The sports cable network ESPN has teamed up with game developer EpicTilt to launch ESPN Cameraman. Using photos from the Olympics, the National Football League, Major League Baseball, college football, soccer and a bunch of other sports, the game is basically the exact same as it would be at a bar. If you see a difference in the pictures, you point to it. If you’re right, it will highlight the area and give you points. If you’re wrong the picture will shake and you will lose some of the time allocated for you to finish that puzzle.

You get bonus points for solving each puzzle fast and you lose lives when you run out of time without solving a puzzle. You also get three hints to use that give you one area of difference that you have not yet found. There is a top score area which will sync up with other top scores around the world. The game also features ESPN music.

One minor issue is that because the screen on the iPhone is much smaller than it would be on a monitor at a bar, sometimes it’s hard to see very small details — like when I couldn’t see that tennis star Maria Sharapova’s shoe lace was sticking up in one picture.

Just like Cameraman itself, this game is fast-paced and addicting. It will definitely be a top seller because it has the right price: Free.

Playing it at home, you may not have the bowl of nuts or the empty Miller Lite bottles found at the bar, but you will have fun.

Find the game on the App Store here.

Below find a quick video of me playing the game — without me being able to see much, and yes, it’s backwards, but you get the point of how it’s played.

ESPN Cameraman on the iPhone from MG Siegler on Vimeo.

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