Mr. T will pity the fool who doesn’t get iPity for the iPhone

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Most $0.99 gag apps for the iPhone are crap. But I came across one today that I actually see myself using quite a bit when I’m out with friends: iPity, an app that’s an animated head of 80’s pop culture icon Mr. T who recites some of his most classic lines when you touch the screen.

Of course, we all probably know “I pity the fool,” but there are many other gems here as well such as, “Get out my way sucka!,” “I ain’t dressin up like no nun!,” “You eat it!,” “Whatchu talkin’ about fool?,” “How about F-O-O-L,” “You got a choice Jack… you either talk, or you hurt!”

And of course, who can forget, “Im’a forge new and wondrous things upside your head.”

iPity, created by developer E.E. Flobes, features over 30 of these classic sayings. You can listen to them either randomly by tapping Mr. T’s head or pick the specific one you want to hear from a list. If you chose the random variety, Mr. T’s mouth will move as the audio plays.

Someone once said that everything in life can be answered by a Mr. T quip. Oh, someone didn’t say that? Well they should have.

Find iPity here for $0.99.


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