Hot or Not finally brings its superficiality to the iPhone

The iPhone has a huge, beautiful screen that is touch sensitive. Has there ever been a more perfect device for looking at pictures of beautiful people and rating them with one click?

The answer is no — welcome to the newest iPhone addiction: Hot or Not.

If you’ve used the site Hot or Not before — which I know you all have whether you admit it or not — you’ll know how to use the iPhone app. If you choose the “Rate” mode, the app loads a picture and an overlay appears at the bottom which asks you to rate the person on a scale of 1 to 10. You simply tap on the rating you wish to give them and it registers your vote, while showing you that person’s “Official Rating” (their combined score from all Hot or Not users).

That in and of itself is arguably a better waste of time on the iPhone than it is on the computer — because you can do it while not chained to a computer. But the iPhone app actually does a lot more also. There’s the whole “Meet” component, a dating network which you can now use remotely if you’re a member (there are free accounts and also paid accounts). It’s not quite as cool as the location-based iPhone dating app I covered yesterday, Skout, but I’m sure Hot or Not has a robust network of people looking for dates — a must for any dating site.

Signing up for a free Hot or Not account also gives you access to iPhone features like “Dashboard” which allows you to easily filter Hot or Not results based on things like gender, age and location. You can also keep track of your favorite “hotties,” mark certain people as “Matches” and get access to a Hot or Not inbox for messages. The app also features virtual gifts to send to other users — an increasingly popular way to make money from online apps.

That’s all well and good, but at the end of the day, most of us will just want a mindless way to rate people based on their looks — and this app is perfect for that. For the really adventurous, you can also upload a picture of yourself from the iPhone and have others rate (and potentially ask to meet) you.

On its site, Hot or Not explains the app as a way to “Rate or date all the hotties you can handle on the go.” That sounds dirty, and yet, so right for this device. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this a solid 8.

Hot or Not is a free application, find it here.

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