Track down the FBI's Most Wanted with your iPhone

You’ve got your games, you’ve got your farting applications, now why not use your iPhone for some good? FBI Most Wanted is a new app that gives you the opportunity to do just that, by providing a list of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives who are still at large.

The FBI has posted its list online for a while now, but it makes some sense to have a mobile version just in case you want to compare pictures and descriptions of the criminals at the time you think you’ve spotted one. It also provides easy mechanisms to call local branches of the FBI or find the nearest office on the off chance you do have information about someone on the list.

The app features the agency’s top ten domestic fugitives, as well as several other lists including most wanted terrorists. It also showcases the highest priority missing children cases from around the country. Again, this is where a mobile application — which includes the children’s pictures and information — can come in handy. The app also has an area for the latest news from the FBI about these cases.

The app is made by a development house called Grataware, which says that a portion of every sale will be donated to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. That’s nice, but I might feel a bit more comfortable if it was the FBI itself that was publishing the app. But they haven’t done that, at least not yet, so this will have to do.

FBI Most Wanted is $1.99, find it here.

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