Video: A sleeker Gmail experience on the iPhone — with offline capabilities

As a Gmail user, the iPhone’s native mail application leaves a lot to be desired. You can’t, for example, easily “star” or label items without moving mail around to different folders, which really isn’t very intuitive. Occasionally, I’ll use Gmail’s web app for the iPhone, but it simply isn’t great. So it’s good news that a video posted by the blog iPhone Buzz, shows that a new and improved version is on the way.

The video shows Google’s vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra demonstrating a new version of the Gmail web app for the iPhone at the Mobile World Congress. The app is based on HTML5, the new HTML web language standard that will allow it to run much faster, and provide offline support for Gmail. During the presentation, Gundotra put the iPhone in Airplane Mode, cutting off its cellular service, and it still loaded messages.


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