The Bitmob Mailbag

Bet you can guess what we’ll be featuring here — we sure hope so at least. If you have a question or comment for us, send it to, and we just may answer it in this weekly column. This first batch came from our prelaunch Facebook and Twitter callouts. Let’s kick it off in classic Letterman style:

Letterrrrrr Num-berrrr 1:

It’s good to see the core EGM guys back in the saddle. I hated to see you guys go. Enough of that…now it’s time to make you do your jobs!

Is there ANY word at all about L.A. Noire? Last I’d heard they were going to make it for both the 360 and the PS3. Then…zilch. Are there any new developments at all with this one or has it been scrapped?

-Derrol F.



Bitmob: You know, ever since we saw that L.A. Noire premiere video a few years ago, we’ve been itching to dig up any dirt about it — we can’t let those seductive dames go solving cases on their own, can we? To find out what the deal was, we contacted a Rockstar rep and…didn’t quite crack the case. We’re told they have nothing new to report, but that the game is still in development. Hey, at least it’s not canned. We expect to hear more at E3.

And thanks. It’s good to be back in the saddle again. Not as chafe-y as we remember.

When, oh when, is Sony going to lower the price of PS3? Do you think they’ll do it by the holiday season of 2009? Next year sometime? Ever? If they do it, do you think it will be a $50 price cut, $100 price cut, etc.? Basically, what do you make of Sony’s overall pricing scheme since the launch of the PS3?

-Chris C.

Bitmob: Yeah, Sony’s pricing plan hasn’t worked out quite as they’d have liked, has it? Thing is, in this economy, it’s tough for them to make a price cut; their hands are tied. And Sony bigwigs keep saying as much. But in the end, spurring sales has to be the key goal, and with that in mind, they likely will have a price cut by the holidays, if not sooner, as analysts love to predict…but probably not to the degree you’d expect. Keep in mind that the PS2 only recently dipped below the $100 barrier.

A question that I’ll actually going to be touching on briefly on my own podcast-of-sorts, but am I a journalist? Are you journalists? What if I wear a hat that looks like the kind of hat a journalist would wear? Less pretentiously, what does the phrase mean in the current social media world. More specifically to games; what makes a "games journalist" and should people try to reach such lofty heights as to gain that title?

-John "Wardrox" K.

Bitmob: You know, if games-media members spent as much time reporting as they did arguing about this elusive title, we’d have a lot more true gaming journalists out there. But let’s break it down a bit: A journalist is a person who treats the reporting field like the profession it is. They sniff out a story, do exhaustive research, contact multiple sources, write a draft, fact-check, and then publish.

Do any games journalists do this? Absolutely. You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that some of them even went to journalism school. But are some of those who cover games just looking for an angle and some knee-jerk responses? Uh-huh. And it’s hard to blame them, since a lot of readers seem to feed off of that; those writers are just delivering what the people want. We feel that if you really look at a piece, however, you can figure out which is which.

Oh, and hats never hurt.

As a small, upcoming game website…what are your plans to stand out from the big sites like 1UP, IGN, and GameSpot? Why would someone frequent Bitmob instead of these other websites?


Bitmob: You know, Miles, first take a look at our About Us page, then peruse our site in general. Hopefully our general idea comes across, which breaks down to this: Many sites do the whole review/preview/news coverage format well. Thing is, we’ve all done that and want to do something different, since you really don’t need another site covering the same thing but with a different color palette.

What we’ve discovered is that users generate a lot of great content, have smart ideas, and are good writers, and so we want to encourage our community to take that to the next level. We’ll do that by monitoring our community’s contributions and editorially vetting the pieces we feel bring something fun or interesting to the table.

One other point to keep in mind: This is not the final vision of the site. We are just getting started and have a bunch of features lined up to roll out once we get more established. You didn’t think we’d tip our hand all at once, did you?

Wouldn’t it be totally cool to have a 2D, side-scrolling, survival-horror, comedy platformer! I’ve always had this idea in my head for a survival-horror game with heavy comical elements — it’d be like a throwback to all those failed survival-horror games. ¬_¬ TOTALLY never going to happen, but I thought I’d share my quirky fantasy with you guys.

Kindest regards.

Bitmob: Sold!

And with that, we’re wrapping up this week’s Bitmob Mailbag. Look for us again next week, and send your feedback to Oh, and remember to tell you mom you love her!

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