Far Cry 2 Review PS3 3/10




See that beautiful sun setting over the horizon? Dazzling isn’t it? Just marvelous… And now that night is falling, I can observe the guard shift change occurring at the mansion I’m scouting out. Due to nightfall, security has been loosened, and that is my cue to sneak in and elicit information from the owner of this palace in the desert. I sneakily make my way past guards, making silent assassinations with my machete when necessary. I creep up the stairs to the owner’s private quarters. He sees me and immediately knows why I’m there; he has something I want! I immediately jump in, my machete at his throat, waiting for him to hand over the Intel I need. Waiting… waiting… wai… why is this taking so long? Why hasn’t he moved since I’ve had him at my mercy ordering him to get me my information?

 Welcome to the jungle, buggier than your local wetlands in the summer. This is Far Cry 2, a recently released title for the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360. 

The game drops you in the middle of an African civil war, with the intent of killing the man that armed both sides. It is an open world game, meaning you can tackle missions in whatever order you want, and go wherever, as well as do whatever you want – so long as you don’t encounter a glitch that is. 

The particular glitch I outlined above happened upon approximately being 8% of the way done with the game, and was a game breaking one. Despite multiple reloads, different tactics and weapons, and even killing the man, the game never did present me with what I needed, and thus, I had to start fresh. Yes, I had to delete my save, create another character, and start completely over! 

As of the second play through, the man did serve my needs and offer up the Intel, but upon further progression I was hit with even more glitches! These range anywhere from main characters not being where they are supposed to be (and thus leaving you without a mission) to impenetrable enemies (ever seen anyone take an RPG, 50. Cal., and machete slash all to the head and still keep going?). Most of these glitches can be fixed with a game reload or time lapse, but that is a pain.

 When the game does play however, it can be a blast. You are presented with a multitude of weapons in which to cause havoc, many different vehicles to explore the vast, 20 square kilometer map with, and beautiful surroundings to observe. 

All of these positives become moot though when you get to where you’re going, only to encounter a game breaking glitch. 

The multiplayer is no better either, with Ubisoft’s servers on the fritz and unable to record your stats, it’s like playing from level 1 with every log in. Not to mention losing your upgraded weapons, and the trophies being near impossible to achieve! 

When it’s good, it’s great, but the negatives far outweigh the positives. It’s a shame, because with perhaps a little more development time, Far Cry 2 could have been an awesome game. I give Far Cry 2 a 3 out of 10.