Daily Blips: Game News from May 15th, 2009

Peripherals have always been popular, mostly because they offer that arcade experience we all miss. But, uh, a skateboard controller? We hope it at least comes with a helmet — we break easily. Just ask Shoe.

News Blips:

New Tony Hawk forgets it’s a game; adds skateboard peripheral. Guess the rumors were right — Activision Blizzard officially unveiled a new skateboard doohickey for the upcoming Tony Hawk Ride. Looks cool, but it seems to be missing wheels. Um, getting around on that thing is going be a total drag. [Kotaku]

Nintendo DS duals with other consoles; wins because it has two screens. Oh, and a new version came out last month, too. That probably has something to do with it. Regardless, the DS totally dominated last month’s game sales, selling over a whopping million units. Pretty good for a cheater. [1UP]

Nazi-killer simulation coming to Xbox Live Arcade. The predecessor to Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, is making its way to Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the near and distant future. While it probably won’t hold up, it’s still fun to shoot Nazis. Because they’re bad. And shooting bad guys is OK. Yay for morality! [Kotaku]

Take-Two cooks defeat; dumps a silo of salt on 3D Realms wounds. The would-be publisher of Duke Nukem Forever is suing developer 3D Realms for not releasing the game. How much does failure cost, you ask? Oh, y’know, only about 12 million dollars. Hell, at this point, they may as well ask to screw all the developer’s wives, too. [Shacknews]


Video Blips:

• A trailer tailor-made for manly men. Just watch. Preferably with your shirt off. In a thong. Flexing in front of a mirror. This is Muscle March, a WiiWare gaming coming to Japan later this month, from your ripped friends at Namco Bandai. [Namco-Bandai via Kotaku]

Hit the jump for some video clips, including a “trailer” for Tony Hawk Ride, a glowing Rock Band mod, and…more.



• Tony Hawk Ride trailer looks really realistic. Wait, a second… You’d think this was a trailer for a skateboard video, but, no, it’s actually a videogame trailer. No, really — there’s about 5 seconds of gameplay footage in it. That’s like 10 seconds if you watch it in slow motion.


Understand language in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete trailer; plot comprehension still iffy. G4 put up an English trailer for the Blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. Looks the same, except for 26 minutes of new footage sure to cast convulsion on your noggin.


Cultural Blip:

Modder lights up Rock Band. A tech whiz gutted the strum bar in a Rock Band guitar and replaced it with an infrared beam. Hmm, wonder if this is his favorite song in Guitar Hero: Metallica. [Joystiq]



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