Bitmob Spotlight: Plants, Zombies, and Why You Game

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Have a look at some of the great stuff written and created by Bitmobbers that you may have missed over the last few days…we’ve got everything from Plants vs. Zombies reviews (multiple) to a confession about crying at the sight of Pac-Man. (And don’t forget to click ‘Read more’ to see the complete list.)

This humor series by Brett Bates is well worth checking out. Recent posts include Army of Two and a Half (think Army of Two meets Three Men and a Baby) and Power Surge Causes Kojima Countdown Timer to Reset.

Bitmob Community Podcast
Trevor H (hey what’s the rest of that last name, Trevor?) is looking into starting a Bitmob community podcast. All you aspiring Robert Ashleys out there, here’s your chance! We’d love to see this plan come together.

Plants vs. Zombies Review
I’m a little late to the party on this game myself (just started playing a couple days ago, and wish I was playing right now), but luckily others are more quick on the draw. Allistair Pinsof’s review is linked above, and Eric Majkut’s is right here.

Top Five Videogame-Inspired Music Videos
Top X lists are to blame for most of man’s ills, but I enjoyed this one from Allistair Pinsof. I think this Architecture in Helsinki video is my favorite.


What is Your Earliest Gaming Memory?
Eric King poses the above question and then reveals that he used to cry when Pac-Man ate a power pellet and the ghosts turned blue. Anyone else have embarrassing confessions to make? 


A Reason for Gaming
Inspired by the last A Life Well Wasted, Austin Boosinger tackles the question of why we game on a more personal level. Jason Deaville takes a crack at the same topic as well, in Why Do You Play Games.

Looking Back on X-Com
Rob Savillo likes X-Com just a little bit. In this post he examines the franchise’s history and goes into detail about why it’s good (and why he might marry it).

Video Game Take-Out: Game & Watch Gallery
Ben Hall posted this episode of his video show, Video Game Take-Out, which takes a look at the Game & Watch Gallery series and Japanese developer Tose. While we don’t agree with his spelling of ‘video game,’ being of the strictly no space school, at least the video’s good.


Why Ocarina of Time is Not the Best Game to Play Today
Jon Porter takes the controversial stance that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time hasn’t aged well and is too tough for those new to the series. Be gentle.

What D.I.C.E Should Do for Mirror’s Edge 2
Lan Hierro delivers some unsolicited (but still good) advice to developer D.I.C.E.

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