CO-OP: E3 Special 01

It’s the first official day of E3 and this is our first of three E3 special episodes, but the real announcements started yesterday. Driving the sexiest purple Chevy minivan you ever did see (it’s so hot there are boob-prints on the passenger and driver-side windows both), we braved the wilds of central California to arrive at the Los Angeles Convention Center in plenty of time to catch the Microsoft event yesterday. Since then we’ve seen both Sony and Nintendo press conferences, but this show just captures our immediate impressions right after the Microsoft blowout and documents, briefly, our trip south. Note to concerned parents: yes, you CAN draw penises vehicle-to-vehicle through PictoChat. (Hit the jump to see the show.)


Being at E3 is weird for games media people. At E3 we get to see everything early, we’re not immune to the hype or the excitement of that fact, but everything is always tempered by the workload hanging over our heads. Video, in particular, is a difficult beast as we can’t even begin editing until we get back to our hotel after the show is long over. That’s not a complaint — we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it — but it’s a fact that simply makes E3 lose a little of its luster. Ya just can’t help pine a bit for the opportunity to just wander about with a curious eye and no responsibilities save enjoyment of the senses.

Dionysian gamer fantasies aside, this show is a ton of work for us and a ton of fun, and the rest of our plans for the week are finally taking shape. The live stream will be up again tomorrow at 4 pm PST from the WOOT booth (we’re hoping…technical difficulties involving an utter lack of an Internet connection postponed today’s live show) and we’ll have some live interviews to break up the commentary. Thursday’s live show will be even better, with demos of both Halo 3: ODST and Splinter Cell: Conviction! My personal excitement level for Conviction borders on the inappropriate, so you can guess which of those two demos I’m looking forward to most.

Lastly but not least-ly, we love you. To the fans we’ve run into so far at E3, it’s made our day several times over to know that you’re still with us and following us and are excited to see what we’ll do next. We’ll endeavor not to disappoint!

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