I call for better E3 presenters!

I call for better presenters!

As someone who prides himself on being a great presenter and pitchman, I’m calling for better presenters at the E3 press conferences from the big three! Listening to their stale dialog and presentations makes me want to vomit.

Pretty much all of the presenters are technically sound. Nobody said a lot of "umms" or did anything too distracting. My main problem is that most of the presenters didn’t connect with their audience very well.

As a result, I’m only giving three presenters the "I didn’t make Mr. McLeod vomit from my boring presentation award". And the winners are…



1st Place:

Kudo Tsunoda

Everyone has to recite from their script. It’s a necessity because…

1) You want to know what you’re going to say so that you don’t sound like a dufuss.
2) You don’t want to say something outside of what the company you represent wants to claim.

Still, despite the fact that Kudo had a script, you could hardly tell that he did. He was engaging, commanding, and even took a funny little shot at Nintendo’s waggle.

2nd Place: 

Felicia Day

Felicia Day was funny, spontanteous, and seemingly geniune in her approach…I say seemingly because you can never trust whether or not an actor is being sincere :)

3rd Place:

John Schappert

By the far best of the corporate types. Reggie used to win this with me, but lately I feel like he’s been dull and too robotic. Johnny was robotic at times, but for the most part he seemed to have fun, changed his voice inflection, and kept everyone’s attention. And he even threw in one or two jokes off of the cuff, which surprised me.

And the absolute worst presenter that was so bad that Mr. McLeod wanted to cry while he vomitted award goes to:

Don Mattrick

Horrible…stiff…corny…tripping over names like Metal Gear Solid…clapping for his own statements…his presentation was absolutely craptacular…

Anyways, since the execs at Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo care what I think, I’m sure they’ll improve for next year! :)
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