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Since I am preparing to move to Canada, I decided to take pictures of the more valuable things in our home in case disaster struck and whatnot.  While doing this, I thought it would be neat to share my console collection with all of you. It is ever-expanding and I have a few items at my parent’s home still. Below is my sizable collection that will soon be boxed and shipped. There are a lot of pictures.


All the pictures are from my iPhone so i appologize for the quality.  Here is the main wall of my living room with a custom, tetris-like, entertainment center that my Fiance’s father built.

 game shelf

Most of the game collection. The Colecovision and Atari 2600 games are not on display because they are a pain to put on a shelf and there are a lot of them. The first row contains Sega CD, Saturn, Genesis and Master System games. The second is PS1, TurboGrafx, and Dreamcast. Third is all NES. Forth is DS, boxed GBA & GBC, the next set are PSP, loose catridges and SNES games. The rest are cables, PC games and a cool Tetris plug and play I found at work.


The handhelds. At the top is a glorious Turbo Express. The others are recognizable. The blue SP, Pokemon DS and DSi are mine. I couldn’t part with my Pokemon DS when the DSi launched.  If you’ve noticed the pikachus in the other pictures, it is easy to see why. 

Vic 20

Yay for Vic 20′s!

Atari 2600

Atari 2600 and a golden Poliwheel pokemon card. Oh, and a penguin. 


Colecovision and a Metaluna Mutant. They are just like your Earth ants, but larger of course.  I couldn’t bring myself to throw the RE 5 collector’s edition box away, so it sits proudly on top. 

Shelf of things

All of these consoles get a lot of use.  That’s Castlevania IV in the SNES and Castlevania is in the NES.  ROB isn’t complete, but he happily watches over things. 


The 360 needs a lot of room to itself. 

 Wii and Devil Summoner

The Wii is moved around often. Here it is just stuck somewhere it fit. 

Genesis & Dreamcast

Castlevania Bloodlines in the Genesis. I believe the keyboard is out because someone recently played Typing of the Dead. 

Sassy  Alice

Sassy & Alice. They are chronically unimpressed. 

Another Genesis

When I moved in, we combined our game collection. So there are a few duplicate systems. 

Turbo Grafix & Shwag

TurboGrafx-16 and some RE shwag. 


Bed & painting

The painting goes well with our other comforter, but this is still a cool shot.

NES & Gamecube

The NES in the living room works better than this one, but both function. Cameron’s Gamecube. 


N64! With…A Castlevania game in it. I play a lot of Castlevania, so much that I leave the games in every system. >.>

Sega CDx

My precious Sega CDx. By far the only Sega CD you want to put a game in. But, it has a few issues playing FMV games. That’s a problem for me since I collect those. It can also play Genesis games, and double is a portable CD player.


And lastly, my Behemoth. With a replaced save battery, it will allow up to 1 game save at a time! Woohoo…


There you have it. Now I hope it all transports safely. 




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