Daily Blips: Modern Warfare 2, Reggie Talks Wii Vitality Sensor, Batman Review Drama, and More

We don’t blame Activision Blizzard for changing the name of Modern Warfare 2. Though we would have preferred Call of Duty War Game 2010.

New Blips:

Mind blown: Modern Warfare 2 actually is a Call of Duty game. You might want to sit down for this one: Activision Blizzard has confirmed its wannabe Call of Duty game really is, get this, a Call of Duty game afterall. Dammit. Now we actually may have to play it. And like it. [Joystiq]

Reggie says we won’t get the Wii Vitality Sensor until we slip our fingers inside. Everyone is making fun of the bizarro Wii Vitality Sensor doohickey that Nintendo unveiled at this year’s E3. Except for us, of course! We see sooooo much potential for the device. Yeah. Seriously. We do. But Nintendo head honcho Reggie Fils-Aime thinks all you nasty doubters (seriously, stop being so jaded!) will “get it” once it puts you to sleep entertains the holy hell out of you. [Eurogamer]

Eidos wants you to score Batman: Arkham Asylum 90% or higher…or else. You can’t review it, apparently. Rumors are spreading that Eidos is putting a steep embargo on UK publications that don’t A) Give the game a cover and B) Score it 90% or higher. Sounds ridiculous, but, damn, we really want to play the game early, too. And, luckily, enough we just raised our highest possible review score to 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Sigh — if we only had a game to give that to… [Kotaku]

This sounds practical: Pay $300 to control a $15 game. We always like a good deal, and nothing sounds better than paying for a super deluxe $300 dual joystick to be played with Sega’s upcoming $15 Xbox Live Arcade port of its classic mech fighter Virtual On. What’s that? This isn’t a good deal? Um, well tell us this: How many other games can you play with this controller? Exactly. Err, uh, nevermind. [Kotaku]

Hit the jump for some video blips, including an Uncharted 2: Among Thieves yap scene, BioWare spoils Mass Effect 2, Rhythm Heaven plush, and…more.


Video Blips:

Now this is what we’re talking about: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves cut scene. Yeah, this is much more exciting than watching action-packed gameplay.


Spoilers: You play as Mass Effect main character in new Mass Effect game. And you thought Mass Effect 2 would star Mickey Mouse. What the hell were you thinking?


Hell, another Dante’s Inferno developer diary? Yep!


Cultural Blip:

Rhythm Heaven Plush

Whaaaaa: That’s the sound a Rhythm Heaven plush makes. If it were real. And could make noises. But, hey, it’s cute, right? And it was made by Harmonix staffer Jyllian Thibodeau. Whaaaa! [Offworld]


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