Daily Blips: Another Tony Hawk Ride, Boobies in The Witcher, Pokemon X-Ray Machine, and More

It’s surprising for us to hear developers thinking about sequels before their first game has even shipped. Hell, that’d be like Hollywood greenlighting a sequel before they release the first flick. And we all know that’d never happen.

News Blips:

New Tony Hawk Ride sequel already in the works? Nah, ya don’t say! Yep, it’s true — the president of developer Robomodo says the studio is already thinking about creating a sequel. Hopefully the next one will come with a fake skateboard that actually has fake wheels, too. [IndustryGamers]

Gross: The Witcher director’s cut will have naked boobies. File this one under “Yucky, no thanks”: The upcoming director’s cut of the PC game The Witcher will allow you to — god, it’s terrible to say this — see naked breasts. Grody! Um, can you excuse us for a sec? We have to take a shower after reporting such filthy garbage. [Shacknews]

Orphaned videogame IP’s taken in by caring developer. Now that Vivendi Games is no more, a ton of old gaming series are without a home. Except for a few thanks to developer Rebellion — the studio (currently making Aliens vs. Predator for Sega) picked up the rights for Evil Genius, Ground Control, Empire Earth, and the Lords of the Realms/Lords of Magic series. Glad to see there’s at least some decency in this business after that vulgar update above. [Big Download]

Pokemon x-ray machine scans all your bones. In American, our x-ray machines are booooring! But in Japan? Well, they’re also kinda boring, too — it’s just a machine that snaps pics of your insides. But at least a few hospitals over there are getting spiffy Pokemon-branded x-ray machines. Why? Well, we’re, uh, yeah — it’s Japan. [Kotaku]

Hit the jump for some video blips, including a Watchmen trailer, costume-changing in Champions Online, silly Japanese-inspired commercial, and…more.


Video Blips:

Who plays Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2? Probably not a lot of people after watching this.


Spandex-wearing tutorial in Champions Online itches. *Scratch, scratch, scratch.*


Cowbunga, dudes — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled gameplay. Pizza anyone?


Cultural Blip:

Mana Energy Potion is the best stupid commercial on earth. But man are these two shorts for the ridiculous fantasy-themed drink hilarious.


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