Discover commercial properties for small business on PartnerUp

partneruptitlelogo2Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by PartnerUp.

Whether you’re moving out of your home office, are busting at the seams and in need of an upgraded space, or are in startup mode and need to find your first commercial space, uncovering the right real estate opportunities for a small business can be pretty painstaking.

The problem is that so many small and medium-size spaces are rarely advertised because paying to advertise them is a waste of time and money for brokers or property owners. Through the Properties section on PartnerUp however, these spaces can be listed for free. The only requirement is that all listings include details such as location, price, minimum lease term, size of space and others.

How does this benefit small business owners and entrepreneurs?

Because these spaces can be listed for free, you have a greater number of small-business-friendly properties to choose from. You can also quickly and easily narrow your searches by any of the required property details (location, size, price, etc.).

To start searching for quality properties, just go to

Here are some examples of commercial properties available on PartnerUp:

Sam Houston Technology Center
Location: Houston, TX
Property Type: Office
For Lease

Dragonwood Industrial Park
Location: Vancouver, BC
Property Type: Industrial
For Lease

Springhill Annex Building
Location: Detroit, MI
Property Type: Office
For Sale