PopCap Games

With the Rise in casual games there is one name that stands above all with quality over quantity.  Of course my title gave this away as I talk about or to PopCap Games depending who is reading this.  Now many of you have been playing Peggle or Plants VS Zombies, but there is more to them then just that.

For me I got hooked on a little green guy called Bookworm.  I played this while I was stationed in Italy during many mid watches in the tower to stay awake.  I fought through the cold, Italian controllers snoring and radio’s going off.  So back then it was all about the laptop and just the dial-up service I got to play the first version of Bookworm.

Over the years PopCap expanded its library with a line of bejeweled games that rose to the occasion for the casual gamer.  Among other games one thing was certain they didn’t leave anyone out in the cold as all the games were simple and addicting.  With saying this I grew further away from PC gaming and back into console/ handheld games.

Recently PopCap has showed interest in console gaming with publishing & developing a line of games.  If you don’t know them maybe you forgot about Zuma, Feeding Frenzy & Peggle.  As well with the handheld market with Peggle that has both the original & Peggle nights for the Nintendo DS.

Now I may be wrong, but nothing really has come out for Sony Playstation 3.  We have all ready talk about PopCap being on the PC, Xbox 360 & DS, but can’t really find a new PopCap game on the PS3 or PSP.  Maybe all the development costs play a role in this, but I just hope they listen and see PS3 users want to play there games as well.

I am speaking for myself, but since Bookworm Adventures 2 just release on the PC.  Maybe PopCap will hear this and work to make a game for the PS3.  Not just bejewled twist, but maybe this new Bookworm Adventure or Escape from Rosecliff isle.

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