Ziff Davis Alumni: Luke Smith


1up News Editor/1up Yours Co-Host

March of 2006 to April of 2007



Born in 1981.  Luke Smith graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Michigan.  He began writing for college newspapers about music and film before graduating, and after graduation he worked for weekly papers such as Real Detroit Weekly.  When Kotaku Founder Brian Crecente started looking for the first writers to hire for his site, it was Luke Smith he hired, and in Luke’s words "Kotaku was where I totally got my chops."  After a short time at Kotaku Luke was hired by EGM/1up, and was instantly on the 1up Yours podcast.  In April of 2007 he announced that he was leaving Ziff Davis to work at Bungie as a Content Editor/Community Manager and Co-Host of the Bungie podcast.  


Opinions of Colleagues/Press:

 Brian Crecente from Kotaku:

"He also became part of the 1Up Yours show and with his addition the show seemed to take off."

Susan Arendt from Wired: 

"Luke, as famous for his sweaters as he is for his take-no-prisoners attitude, is appropriately humble, attributing his success to the guidance and influence of folks like Dan Hsu and John Davison."

Justin McElroy from Joystiq:

"No matter what Smith ends up doing at Bungie, we here at Joystiq have to consider this a loss for video games journalism. He was an honest writer and a fearless interviewer and, though a polarizing figure in many respects, he was a games journalist, and one of the few you could apply that title to without cracking a smile."


Samples of His Work:

Broken Halo: Five Ways Bungie Can Fix Halo

Halo is My Mario


Words from Luke Smith:

 "I was living in this nightmare of an apartment with this couple who just fucked and fucked nightly. I tried to stay in my room, eat microwave food, play WoW and write for Kotaku." – Kotaku

"I think there is a really rich opportunity for someone to come in and tell the stories that people want to know. I think there is a very interesting potential shift about how people are going to cover and get information about games." – Kotaku

"I’ve absolutely loved my time here and I don’t like watching my time with the group wane. I was made an offer that, for lack of a non-cliche, I couldn’t refuse." – 1up

"Why would you want readers who believe that ‘X site is the only place for Y information’? It seems like they aren’t using the full power of the Internet, then." – Gamedaily


Opinion of a Fan:

Luke Smith was the guy who got me listening to Video Game Podcasts.  On numerous occasions he made me laugh so damn hard that I had to start being more careful when I listened to 1up Yours at work.  Unfortunately, it was January 2007 when I first started listening to his podcast, and Luke Smith would soon leave Ziff Davis for Bungie.  I was ticked that this Dude with a great personality was leaving the best Video Game magazine and website around, but it was Bungie.




Luke Smith is currently on the Out of the Game podcast with Bitmob’s own Voice of God, Robert Ashley, and other Ziff Davis Alumni, Jeff Green and Shawn Elliott. 


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