Opera 10 is here, but do any of you care?

Opera Software just released the final version of Opera 10, the latest revamp of its pioneering-but-not-terribly-popular web browser.

Silicon Mitus raises second round in rare chip funding

Silicon Mitus raised a second round of funding for its business of making power management chips. The funding stands out, since relatively few chip startups are getting funding these days. The amount wasn’t disclosed.

This is Heavy: Mega Man Chain Mail Art

It’s pretty common to see video game art based on Mega Man. Example: These two versions of the iconic blue bomber made entirely with beads [via technabob]:

SealCOS filters search results using certified brand sites

SealCOS is announcing today that it is launching a certification process to ensure that consumers are visiting an authentic site belonging to a well-known brand. The Seal of a Certified Site is meant to sift officials sites from the pretenders.

Prefinery helps companies build better beta tests

Beta testing can sometimes seem like a meaningless term, with Google in particular keeping applications in beta for ridiculous periods of time. But it’s still an important tool for web testing and development, and one that can get complicated, when you’re trying to keep things private. Now a startup called Prefinery says it wants to handle the hassle of beta test management for you.

Even Time Can't Unravel This Classic (Chrono Trigger DS Review)

Boy, does time fly.  Fourteen years ago, I remember playing an SNES game with an unusual title called Chrono Trigger.  Before playing Chrono, I knew little about this RPG, other than the fact that it was developed by a “Dream Team”.  At the time, I was unaware that this “Dream Team” consisted of Final Fantasy head-honcho, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and the Enix final boss, Yuji Horii.  It also included a renowned anime artist, Akira Toriyama (responsible for Dragon Ball Z and the Dragon Quest series), and two fabulous composers: Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda. 

Indie Game Review: Spelunky

I absolutely love action games of any kind: Half-Life, Metroid, shmups, Kaboom!, Gunstar Heroes — you name it, I love it. So it may be a little surprising when I say that the obscure, arcane PC RPG NetHack is one of my favorite games of all time.

Reminder: PAX Bitmob Meet-Up

Here's one more reminder for Bitmob members who will be attending this year's sold out Penny Arcade Expo. The community has arranged a member meet-up on Friday afternoon. We are planning on gathering at the Tap House Grill in downtown Seattle at 2:30 for a brief lunch. I'll be taking photos with my camera as usual, but feel free to bring one as well!

Video games, movies, TV and music

The Federal Communications Commission will evaluate the potential for a single content rating system that would span various forms of media, including video games, movies, TV and music.

Analyst: iPhone secure against competitors, AT&T not so much

As Palm, Google, and others roll out their smartphone platforms, you might think Apple should be worried about keeping the momentum going on its iPhone. Not so, says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster in a note sent out earlier today — the competition just drives more people to Apple.

Facebook revamps sharing as users share 1 billion pieces of content a week

Facebook revamped its design for sharing content off other websites as the company pushes users to actively distribute links and videos through the social network. The update is a slight improvement over the older one: the design is cleaner and gives more space to the content you’re sharing.

Run For Your Life: Canabalt Flash Game

We like games that are simple. Really simple. One-button simple. Because more than one button is just too damn much for us. That’s why we don’t play the Atari Jaguar anymore. Plus, we don’t like jaguars — it’s all about the cheetah! Rawr!

Fox will air Tweet-peats of Fringe and Glee

Could Twitter save the stale summer rerun? Television network Fox is hoping that the popular social media will bring new life (and additional viewers) to repeats of the shows Fringe and Glee.

(Discussion Topic) ESRB

Many of us see an ESRB an complain about it.  I am only one of many gamers who think’s this system is flawed and not just by the age limits it has.  There is other things wrong with it as well and I can’t shake the feeling like someone is pulling wool over my eyes.Recently I got to think about the ESRB and does it work.  In my own world that I play in I would like to say ths system is flawed.  How ever ever flaw can be improved with minor tweaks.  Yes I am going to go there.

iWalk gains $21M, loses Negroponte

iWalk, a startup in Cambridge, Mass., that builds “wearable devices for human augmentation” has announced a $21 million Series B round led by Cambridge-based General Catalyst Partners. GCP partner John Simon has taken a seat on the board, while iWalk co-founder and MIT prof Nicholas Negroponte — most recently known for the XO computer project — has disappeared from the list.

Cisco video: Is cloud computing powered by angels?

I guess no one has a clue what the increasingly fashionable term “cloud computing” means. At least, that’s the message we’re meant to take away from a new video from Cisco (embedded below), where many people are asked what cloud computing is, and most of the on-camera responses are confused, way out there, or both.

Asus rumored to sell cheaper ultra-thin laptop next week

Apple’s MacBook Air will soon be challenged on its super-slimness, by Windows-powered computers from Asus that may lack Apple’s aluminum-cased pizazz but will cost a lot less. Welcome to the world of co-opetition: Asus manufactures components for some of Apple’s MacBook and iPod products.

HP Labs' uses lasers to cut energy usage inside data centers

HP Labs researchers have demonstrated a way to use lasers to replace a lot of the electronics that connect servers to racks in data centers, a development that could one day make commercial computers much more power efficient, faster and cheaper.

Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku

For the Japanphiles, the name Hatsune Miku is very familiar. Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of her creation, her influence is everywhere on Nico Nico Douga, Pivix, Oricon album charts, Sega PSP games and anime in the near future.

5 milestones to reach before raising venture capital

I meet lots of web entrepreneurs who tell me they want to raise venture capital. Most of these people are first time entrepreneurs and they just assume that once they’ve got an idea, the next thing to do is raise venture capital. That’s naive.

Contest! Win a Game Off My Forgoten Game Shelf

Hey Bitmob! Boy oh boy do I have something great for you all today. I have been wanting to do a game givaway for a while now. I was going to give you the game that I won from 1up a while back, N+… But I happened to have lost it (my brothers fault). So instead I picked a game off of the ‘When was the last time I even thought about playing this’ shelf.

The Bitmob Game Club

Over the past few weeks W. Bryan Jacobs has written a number of posts about his playthrough of Mega Man.  I really enjoyed reading them, and it gave me some ideas.  After discussing my thoughts with the Mob, J. Cosmo Cohen, Bryan and I have come up with what could be a great idea:

Blizzard…Secrets: BlizzCon 2009 Interviews

Even a week after Blizzard’s extravagant BlizzCon, the buzz is still ringing in ears of anxious gamers. I am already squirreling away and saving up a secret cache of PTO days in preparation for the releases of StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, and World of WarCraft: Cataclysm. But what lies behind all the starry announcements and reveals?