This is Heavy: Mega Man Chain Mail Art

It’s pretty common to see video game art based on Mega Man. Example: These two versions of the iconic blue bomber made entirely with beads [via technabob]:

Prefinery helps companies build better beta tests

Beta testing can sometimes seem like a meaningless term, with Google in particular keeping applications in beta for ridiculous periods of time. But it’s still an important tool for web testing and development, and one that can get complicated, when you’re trying to keep things private. Now a startup called Prefinery says it wants to handle the hassle of beta test management for you.

Even Time Can’t Unravel This Classic (Chrono Trigger DS Review)

Boy, does time fly.  Fourteen years ago, I remember playing an SNES game with an unusual title called Chrono Trigger.  Before playing Chrono, I knew little about this RPG, other than the fact that it was developed by a “Dream Team”.  At the time, I was unaware that this “Dream Team” consisted of Final Fantasy head-honcho, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and the Enix final boss, Yuji Horii.  It also included a renowned anime artist, Akira Toriyama (responsible for Dragon Ball Z and the Dragon Quest series), and two fabulous composers: Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda. 

Indie Game Review: Spelunky

I absolutely love action games of any kind: Half-Life, Metroid, shmups, Kaboom!, Gunstar Heroes — you name it, I love it. So it may be a little surprising when I say that the obscure, arcane PC RPG NetHack is one of my favorite games of all time.

Reminder: PAX Bitmob Meet-Up

Here's one more reminder for Bitmob members who will be attending this year's sold out Penny Arcade Expo. The community has arranged a member meet-up on Friday afternoon. We are planning on gathering at the Tap House Grill in downtown Seattle at 2:30 for a brief lunch. I'll be taking photos with my camera as usual, but feel free to bring one as well!

Mobcast Episode 018

We’ve got an exciting lineup for this week’s Mobcast. Special guest Christian Nutt of Gamasutra makes his Mobcast debut. Greg Ford returns to the Mobcast, and we somehow convinced Michael Donahoe to stop giving people piledrivers to join the show.

Video games, movies, TV and music

The Federal Communications Commission will evaluate the potential for a single content rating system that would span various forms of media, including video games, movies, TV and music.

Run For Your Life: Canabalt Flash Game

We like games that are simple. Really simple. One-button simple. Because more than one button is just too damn much for us. That’s why we don’t play the Atari Jaguar anymore. Plus, we don’t like jaguars — it’s all about the cheetah! Rawr!

Meet the Mob: Rob Savillo

I’ve been putting this off; I never know what to write when it comes to stuff like this. In role-playing games where you’re given the opportunity to name your character, I like to think of something that is a reflection of myself. Such pondering has taken longer than I care to mention. No joke.

(Discussion Topic) ESRB

Many of us see an ESRB an complain about it.  I am only one of many gamers who think’s this system is flawed and not just by the age limits it has.  There is other things wrong with it as well and I can’t shake the feeling like someone is pulling wool over my eyes.Recently I got to think about the ESRB and does it work.  In my own world that I play in I would like to say ths system is flawed.  How ever ever flaw can be improved with minor tweaks.  Yes I am going to go there.

iWalk gains $21M, loses Negroponte

iWalk, a startup in Cambridge, Mass., that builds “wearable devices for human augmentation” has announced a $21 million Series B round led by Cambridge-based General Catalyst Partners. GCP partner John Simon has taken a seat on the board, while iWalk co-founder and MIT prof Nicholas Negroponte — most recently known for the XO computer project — has disappeared from the list.

Destroying My Memories.


Cisco video: Is cloud computing powered by angels?

I guess no one has a clue what the increasingly fashionable term “cloud computing” means. At least, that’s the message we’re meant to take away from a new video from Cisco (embedded below), where many people are asked what cloud computing is, and most of the on-camera responses are confused, way out there, or both.

9/9/99: Did Sonic Do For The Dreamcast What Mario Did For The Nintendo 64? (Sonic Adventure Review)

Ah…September 9th, 1999.  The launch of Final Fantasy VIII…err, I mean the Dreamcast.  It was a glorious day ten years ago when Sega rose from the dead and breathed new life into a console.  On that day, the Saturn, an epic failure (in the U.S. at least), was replaced by a smaller, white system.