Bitmob & and The Three Months

Many of you all will be confused by the title.  Some of you all will understand where I am going with this.  So in saying that lets take a stroll down memory lane over the past three months.

The first post on this site was May 6th by none other then Dan "Shoe" Hsu since he is one of the Co-Founders.  How ever the site didn’t officailly launch till May 7th when some of us found out and helped spread the word.  So all good things get leaked before a public announcement and this could be one of the best for me.

In the last three months there is over 129 Pages worth of submissions.   If there is 15 submissions on each page that means there is over 1920 submitted articles.  Which Breaks down to 640 articles every month and if you break that by 30 which means more then 21 articels a day.  This is a lot of submissions.  So I thank every Member for the time and effort they have put into this site.  Even if you haven’t written anything and just commented.  Did you know this site has over 10000 comments all ready.  I wont break down the numbers for you, but that is four comments every hour.  

This site all ready has done many things. Like the Monkey Pawbay area meet-up and pixel revolt. What makes this better then every other site is the involvement of the community.  This is what Demian Linn does best as the other co-founder which is to highlight the great articles people written and post them on the front page.  If I had to take an educated guess over 90% of Demian’s post are highlights of the communities work.  A Hat off to you sir.

I am not going to leave Greg FordMichael Donahoe, or any of the other staffwriters.  Greg does the colums indie scene and mailbag for the most part.  Both of which the community really enjoys.  Michael does News blips, Video blips & Culture blips which are very helpful to get conversations going.  Even though he is on a Crochet kick right now. (hehe)  Now the other staff may have other jobs, but I enjoy when they do contribute.  Mainly Aaron Thomas & Jason Wilson have been seen lately, but Sean Baby, Andrew Fitch & Robert Ashley have been known to be on the MobCast.

 So in short thank you for a great Three months and look forward to many more to come.  Keep up the great job guys/ gals. 

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