Bitmob Spotlight: David Jaffe Disagrees, Recession Gaming

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Our weekly Spotlight column highlights some of the best posts from the Bitmob community — read on to learn about all the games Mark T. Whitney sucks at (more interesting than it sounds, I promise), an update on a lawsuit that’s got developers all riled up, hot pics of Nintendo’s HQ, and much more after the break.

News Just In: David Jaffe Disagrees with Something!
By Jon Porter
In case you missed the recent webcams-at-dawn dustup between Destructoid’s Anthony Burch and the Internet’s David Jaffe re: the whole games as art thing, Jon offers a recap with commentary here. The discussion inevitably spills over into the comments section….

Controls, Controllers, and Beyond
By Steve Wiemeyer
As a game developer and disabled gamer, Steve offers a unique perspective on game controllers and the importance of button mapping options.

I Suck at Video Games
By Mark T. Whitney
I love the deck on this one: “A look into losing in the world of video games.” Part one covers Mark’s ineptitude at shooters, part two is about fighting games, and why Mark “should be banned from arcades or playing them against other people in general.” Part three is rather different in theme; Mark argues that World of WarCraft is impenetrable for the casual gamer, and that good casual games are a dying genre. I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree on that score — Blizzard has gone out of its way to make WoW appealing to non-raiding ‘casual’ players (even if that version of casual is much different from your average Spider Solitaire player), and what with the iPhone I’d say there are more great casual games out there than ever.

Ico: From Innocence to Adulthood
By Jon Porter
Jon engages in some in-depth character analysis of Ico‘s Yorda and Ico. Thar be spoilers.



From George Lucas’s Cold, Dead Hands
By Joaquin Lowe
Joaquin evangelizes the adventure genre, and will make you feel like a bad person if you don’t play The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition.

Dear Obama: Lay Off Video Games
By Alex R. Cronk-Young
Alex informs the commander-in-chief that the kids are all right.

My Trip to Japan: Prologue
By Travis McReynolds
He hasn’t even gone anywhere yet and Travis’s pre-trip blog is already a joy to read. I can’t wait for the post-trip wrap up!


Nintendo’s boring HQ: this is the dream factory?

Gaming Below Retail: A Four-Pronged Approach
By Devon N. Campbell
Devon outlines a few good ways to game on the cheap, ranging from the obvious (frequent stops at Cheap Ass Gamer) to the less-obvious (an ECA membership).

A List of My Favorite Sleeper Hits
By Toby Davis
Toby goes through his list of forgotten gems, and he’s got a few controversial ones in here, too. We’ll have to agree to disagree on South Park 64, which I think would have a spot on my all-time worst list!

The iRevolution?
By Christopher Quach
You’ve probably heard about the rumored Mac tablet, which may or may not also be a games platform of some description. Christopher is actually betting against Apple on this one, which takes some guts these days.

Are Tim Langdell’s Days Numbered?
By Rob Savillo
If you’re not up on this whole Edge/Tim Langdell story, Rob’s got a good summary with links to all the action. Pretty wild stuff. I hope this guy gets what he deserves.

GTA4 coverGrand Theft Auto 4: A Satirical World
By Christopher Quach
Christopher makes the argument that stereotypes in Grand Theft Auto 4 are actually a satirical commentary on today’s media…I’m not sure if I totally buy it, but mayyyybe.

Ripped From Tomorrow’s Headlines
By Evan Killham
This is a borderline troll post, but it’s got some funny moments and made-up quotes.

The Beauty of Vacation: Zeno Clash, Mad World, Plants vs. Zombies
By Mike McLeod
Mike takes a week off work and spends what I can only assume is the whole time playing through Zeno Clash, Mad World, and Plants vs. Zombies. I’m going to have him plan my next vacation!

John to His Xbox: Achieve This!
By John Michael
John’s 100 points away from every achievement in Mass Effect…and suffering from achiever’s remorse.

The Neverending Video Game
By Cody Winn
Cody comes out for the pro-shorter-games team, and guesses that developers are still making games based on outdated expectations — the audience has grown up, and doesn’t have time for a 60-hour adventure.

Games of the Week
By Carlos Ortiz
Best I can tell this is a rundown of the games Carlos has been playing lately, which isn’t that fascinating in and of itself. But his write-ups on Source mod Research and Development and DS game Knights in the Nightmare are worth checking out.

Research and Development

Source mod physics puzzler Research and Development

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