Super Paper Mario Review Wii

Super Paper Mario Review Wii 8/10




Following in the footsteps of the previous two Paper Mario titles, comes Super Paper Mario on the Wii. This title will satisfy just about everyone who is a Mario fan, as well as those looking for a deep RGP experience.

 The bulk of your time will be spent playing the game as Mario, as opposed to Princess Peach and Bowser who join your party later in the game.  The main reason you’ll want to stay with Mario is because he has been imbued with a new power: the ability to flip from a two-dimensional, side scrolling world, into a three-dimensional one, which allows for awesome game play possibilities. 

For example, have you ever wondered just what is behind all those green warp pipes? While playing as Mario, just flip to 3D mode and take a look. You may just find a 1UP mushroom or one of the two-hundred plus hidden collectible cards.

 This dimensional-flipping mechanic allows for some interesting and entertaining possibilities when fighting bosses, or even when you’re just exploring the world map, and in many cases you’ll have to flip dimensions to find a doorway or path leading you to the next area. 

On the contrary to the fun you’ll have exploring however, trying to attack enemies while in this 3D environment isn’t the most pleasant. Many times you’ll mistake where enemies are, and end up too close or too far away, only to wind up ultimately being hurt by them. This is especially unfortunate when you are low on “Heart Points” (the games life meter) and you die, only to have to go back to your last save. 

The save points, or rather, the lack of them, is another strike against the game. The save points are few and far between, and if you happen to die, you’ll have lost all progress from your last save, which, in a few instances for myself, were up to an hours worth of game play. This is frustrating and rather disheartening. 

These gripes aside however, Super Paper Mario is an excellent game with loads of replay value (including two one hundred floor towers/dungeons which open up after you beat the game) and pure, unadulterated fun. You’ll laugh from the dialogue and get a child like giddiness out of the cartoony graphics. I give Super Paper Mario on the Wii an 8 out of 10.

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