Permuto launches platform to track performance of display ads

Permuto, an online marketing company seeking to optimize display advertising for its client brands, has launched a new platform that measures the performance of this type of ad with the same precision that most search engine text-ads are evaluated. Called, ShopperConnect, the platform is targeted at web-based retailers, promising to collect purchasing data, provide dazzling ads, buy ad space and calculate browsers’ responses to the ads.

Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Permuto says its new offering provides a holistic solution to web sites and companies that would have to find different third-party vendors for each of these functions. and are already using ShopperConnect to analyze the performance of their display ads.

Permuto has raised $6.03 million since its inception last year from Onset Ventures, Rembrandt Venture Partners, SoftTech VC, and individual investors.

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