Dubai's Technosphere to simulate future climates

Having mastered indoor ski slopes and mass desalination, Dubai just unveiled its massive Technosphere, a biological bubble oddly similar to Disney’s Epcot Center (or the Death Star), meant to simulate future climates and test sustainable technology.

Powered by the sun and carbon neutral, the sphere is similar to Biosphere 2 in representing the world’s various natural habitats. Except (unsurprisingly), it has a commercial bent — including room for office buildings, a hotel, and even full time residences. Dubai may be out of money, but it hasn’t scaled its ambitions.

In addition to observing how environments respond to climate change, the Technosphere may also be used to prove the feasibility of recreations of earth in space, with water recycling and air-purifying (or “self-breathing”) gardens highlighted as major components. It’s also supposed to draw in significant tourist dollars.

The building is anticipated to be the crown jewel of Dubai’s much-hyped Technopark. Building it in a desert community will really put artificial constructions of nature to the test, says contracted architect James Law, of James Law Cybertecture International.

The Technopark, currently under construction, is designed to jumpstart commercial technology design in Dubai. Covering about eight square miles, it’s expected to attract lucrative foreign investment and major corporations to the region.

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