Spotlight: Canabalt, Brütal Legend, and Persona 4′s Kanji Tatsumi

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We’ve got some pretty heavy pieces for you in today’s Community Spotlight. James DeRosa leads the way with his analysis of Canabalt through the writings of Charles Sanders Peirce. Reggie Carolipio is next, and tackles the Modern Warfare 2 dedicated server issue, a rather hot topic on Bitmob lately.

Matthew Kessler takes a look at sexuality and gender in Persona 4, specifically the character Kanji Tatsumi. Michael Black breaks down why Brütal Legend is an RTS, and why that’s a good thing, and then Brian Shirk brings it home with the finale of his four-part piece on 100 legendary games.

Charles Sanders Peirce, The Button, and Canabalt
By James DeRosa
“What if there were a game in which the player choices were like a virtual version of those qualities contained within the Big Red Button? What if, rather than the fate of the world, an interactive experience was substituted in place of the hyperbole and bombast of the Big Red Button?” It exists, and is called Canabalt.


MW2 Dedicated Servers…or A Collection of Reasons Why They Matter and Why It Isn’t the End of the World
By Reggie Carolipio
The dedicated server (or lack thereof) controversy rages on across the Internet, and likely will for some time after Modern Warfare 2′s release. Reggie cut his teeth on PC gaming and delivers a thoughtful look at the server issue — and why it really isn’t the end of PC gaming as the community knows it.

KanjiKanji Tatsumi: A Look at Sexuality and Gender in Persona 4
By Matthew Kessler
Kanji’s sexuality is a pretty popular/controversial topic, and with good reason. The gruff and rebellious character is a large departure from the types of guys that show up in most JRPGs. He isn’t the first gay Persona character, but then again is he really gay? Matthew examines Kanji’s conflicts and societal norms in general in this insightful analysis.

Am I RTS? Yes I Am
By Michael Black
Brütal Legend is a peculiar jumble of real-time strategy and action game that seems to have caught some people by surprise. The game’s genre mixing doesn’t bother Michael, though; he feels Brütal Legend offers a way forward for console-based RTS games, and he hopes other developers will take up the baton and run with it.

Let Me Introduce You to 100 Legendary Games
By Brian Shirk
Brian wraps up his four-part series on his personal 100 legendary games list, and if you’ve followed Brian’s work on Bitmob, you won’t be surprised to see RPGs taking most of the top spots, including the controversial Xenogears. Usually it takes a team of people to tackle a 100 X list, but Brian’s an army of one. Be sure to check out parts one, two, and three.

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