News Blips: DSi w/Pre-Installed Software, Modern Warfare 2 for 360 Outsells PS3, Mario Galaxy 2 to be Really Challenging, and More

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Back in the day, new consoles used to come with actual game cartridges packed in….

News Blips:

Best Buy’s online Black Friday circular is advertising the Nintendo DSi’s with pre-installed software. There are two separate “bundles,” one with a casual theme (Brain Age Express, Clubhouse Games), the other with more of an emphasis on games (Mario Vs. Donkey Kong, WarioWare: Snapped, etc.). Let’s hope Nintendo doesn’t go down the new PC path and load the system with a bunch of useless software demos that slow the whole system down! [Kotaku]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360 outsells PS3 2-1. Chief Operating Office of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, Dennis Durkin cites numbers from retailers to suggest this sales gap. Furthermore, the shooter was popular enough on the 360 to break the record for most users logged onto Xbox Live at once with over 2 million users, back on November 10th. Do you remember where you were when the record was broken? [Destructoid]

Shigeru Miyamoto thinks Super Mario Galaxy 2 is going to be “a really challenging game.” Talking to Official Nintendo Magazine, he declined to mention whether or not the Super Guide mode (where the game pays through difficult parts for the player) would be implimented in the sequel. Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t pull a Super Mario Brothers 2 and make a hardcore game for Japan and slap Mario onto a different platformer for the US. [1UP]

Slay zombies this holiday season on the recently released Call of Duty: World at War: ZOMBIES. The title is out on the iPhone and iPod touch and even touts 4 person online multiplayer. This is great for fans of zombies, but we’re sure Twilight fans will think it sucks.

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