Siri raises $15.5M more for virtual personal assistant

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Aviary siri-com Picture 1For those of you awaiting the next generation of personal assistants, San Jose startup Siri, who’s product aims to be a virtual personal assistant (VPA), has just raised $15.5 million in round two funding from Menlo Ventures and Morgenthaler Ventures says VentureWire.

Siri leverages speech-to-text technology and artificial intelligence to allow users to “just say what they want to do.” The VPA then takes over and does the rest. Siri explains: “You can discover things to do over the weekend, get tickets to the movies, or call a cab when you’re out on the town. You don’t have to search through a bunch of web pages, following links and hunting down facts. Siri does all the work giving you the information you need at your fingertips.”

Previously, Siri raised $8.5 million in round one funding from its second round investors. In addition, INQ Mobile chief executive Frank Meehan as been listed as a new board member.

While not officially launched yet, interested users can visit the site to register for a notification for when the product has been launched. The registration site also asks for your device type, suggesting that product will be available across platforms.

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