Super Street Fighter 4 Profiles: Adon

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Adon returns in Super Street Fighter 4 to head-kick his fellow Muay Thai fighter Sagat. It's been a while since we've seen the high-pitched warrior, though — does he still have what it takes? Capcom Special Advisor and SF expert Seth Killian gives us his thoughts on Adon (including the troubles he'll face — can he even keep up with Sagat anymore?) in the latest edition of Super Street Fighter 4 Profiles.


On what he likes about Adon:

Seth Killian: I have different favorites over time, but right now, Adon is probably the prettiest character — for me. The team really spent a lot of time getting his model just right because he has a very unusual stance and an unusual physical appearance. I think they really brought out the spirit of the character in Super Street Fighter 4.

And his Ultra Combo is just beautiful. The way it's animated — it's some of the best fight choreography in the game, but it's he's also versatile [with it] during a match. Even when I'm getting hit with Adon's Ultra Combo in a fight, I still like it because it looks that good. [Laughs] He's definitely one of my favorites in terms of overall look.

On the troubles Adon might face:

SK:  In terms of gameplay mechanics, Adon's another character who has to take a lot of chances with his body. He's got some ranged attacks by jumping off the wall and flying in with a kick, or he's able to do his kicks out of the air. But basically he has no good way of attacking that doesn't put his body right in front of the opponent.

So he's going to have some difficulty in the same way that Juri has difficulty. He does more damage than Juri — he hits a little harder and takes a little less damage. But he's still going to have to chances. So characters that can make the most out of one counter hit — like one uppercut then they can land an Ultra Combo right after that — those are going to be Adon's worst enemies. Guys like Ryu or Sagat will be his biggest challenges.

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Note: Killian's comments are based on Super Street Fighter 4 as it stands today in its development cycle. Keep in mind the game may go through balancing tweaks leading up to its April 27, 2010 release, so his opinions are subject to change.

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