Yahoo becomes more real-time, adds tweets to general search

Yahoo doesn’t want to be left out of the real-time show.

After integrating Twitter into news search last month, Yahoo was only a hop, skip and a jump away from pulling in tweets to general search. Today tweets will show up in results at the bottom of the page if users are searching for topics that merit recently published results. Yahoo can tell if users want tweets or news-related content if there is a sudden jump in search queries. The company built the feature in-house, not through outside partnerships.

Yahoo relies on Twitter’s existing application programming interfaces, not the new full data stream access Twitter announced this week. Hence, its results tend to be a bit older than what Google presented earlier this week with its own real-time search. (Google gets more privileged access to Twitter’s data stream because it signed a partnership with the company in October.) Google’s real-time search also updates tweets continuously, giving the page a waterfall effect as results stream down one by one. Yahoo’s are more static.

Yahoo also places tweets lower in the page and below general results. Google’s version is a bit more visually confusing. Google shows news, then real-time results, and finally regular web results.

You can see what Yahoo’s version looks like below:


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