iFart launches first farting social network for the iPhone

There’s nothing that brings together family and friends around the holidays like a good iPhone fart application. While there are many, there’s one that is dubbed king — iFart from InfoMedia. When we wrote about iFart Mobile last Christmas, developer Joel Comm said he was pulling in over $10,000 a day. The app sells for $.99.

If you thought iFart mobile would stop there, you’re wrong. Today, it has announced the launch of iFart Mobile v2.3, a combination of the original iPhone application with a touch of social networking. The updated app now allows users to interact and become “Fart Buddies.”

Utilizing Apple’s push messaging, users who upgrade (for free) will see a new “Fart Budz” button that will allow them to send any fart noise to a fart buddy. The message will activate on the individual’s phone no matter what they are doing at that time.

The catch is that you have to register on the GameDock, a platform that allows iPhone and iPod touch users to play multiple games in real-time with friends, which will then allow you to “friend” other members, once both sides have agreed to participate in the Fart Buddies system.

When I asked developer Joel Comm about what makes iFart so successful, he said:

iFart has become the de facto novelty app that is referenced every time someone talks about the silly apps people spend money on. But the fact is that it’s successful because it makes people laugh and smile.  We’ve been creative with the technology Apple has made available and taken the novelty to the next level.  Fart Buddies in iFart 2.3 turns the novelty app into a great prank and opportunity for friends to catch each other off guard with random blasts.  It’s just one more step in our quest for global flatulence domination!


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