News Blips: Steam Holiday Sale, New Animated Halo Videos, N64 iPhone Emulator, and More

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At 80% off games on Steam, you might as well buy two copies of some of them and sell the oth– oh yeah, they’re digitally distributed.

News Blips:

Digital distribution giant Steam is practically giving games away with their Steam Holiday Sale. From now until January 3, Steam is discounting over 800 titles, some up to 80%. Bundles of games from various publishers are at reduced prices, indie games are dirt cheap, and deals of the day will tempt even the most cash-strapped gamer (i.e., Mirror’s Edge is $4.99 today). Happy holidays. [Joystiq]

Halo fans are in for a treat with the upcoming release of the final preview episode of Halo Legends and a new three-part Red vs. Blue holiday special. To access the content, Xbox owners should visit Halo: Waypoint between Dec. 24-26 for the new Red vs. Blue episodes and January 2, for Halo Legends: Origins Part 1. These videos will be perfect to share with your loved ones around the fireplace. [Destructoid]

Jailbroken iPhone owners in search of a (unofficial) Nintendo 64 emulator (with Bluetooth Wiimote Support) should check out n64iphone via Cydia. The only downside being that the recently released app, developed by ZodTTD, is apparently a bit slow and difficult to control. Hopefully a future version will work more smoothly since we’re sure the world can’t wait to play four-player split-screen GoldenEye 007 on an iPhone. [Gizmodo]

Capcom is playing it safe by delaying some of its big titles into the next fiscal year. This is a “strategic decision” in essence to wait out the smorgasbord of games from other publishers who are also looking to avoid the holiday madness via fourth fiscal quarter (Jan-March 2010) releases. Expect Lost Planet 2 and Monster Hunter Tri to drop sometime in the first fiscal quarter of 2010 (beginning in April). Capcom has also noted that these delays will also affect the non-concrete release dates, which were previously Spring 2010, of Super Street Fighter 4 and Dead Rising 2

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