Survey Results: Bitmob Community’s Games of the Decade

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Wow…. I wasn’t expecting everyone to be so hyped-up over their games of the decade! The survey results are overwhelming; so overwhelming that I can’t possibly list all of my favorite results in one post. 

So, here’s my solution: You can view the results in three ways. I’ve listed my favorite responses to the questions, and at the bottom of each section is the overall most-suggested game for that category. Then, after all is said and done, you can view everyone’s results from the Tiger Survey screen report.

Since I use Tiger Survey, that community also slipped in a few responses, many of which are unnamed but still worth reading. This leads to the most important part of my pre-result explanation: If you didn’t list your name, your results will not show up in this post. I’d usually say something smart about paying attention to instructions, but everyone makes mistakes.

Now, on with Bitmob Community’s Games of the Decade!


1.  What is the one game you hope will not appear on any “Top Games of the Decade” lists? 

Brian Shirk: BioShock. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed BioShock, but I didn’t
feel that the story and the way in which it was told were as innovative as
many game critics claimed. It wasn’t a bad game, but I wouldn’t put in my top
ten games of the decade.

: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Those
games do absolutely nothing for me. I was bored shitless with the
single player. The multiplayer was fun for a little while, but the game is not
deserving of a top spot on any list but sales.

: Anything from the Halo series. It’s not
that the games were terrible, but that they were thoroughly mediocre while
still somehow garnering massive popularity and critical praise.

: Hopefully
no one puts down Modern Warfare 2, although I have the suspicion that a few
people will. Just because something is the latest and most hyped does not make
it the best

: Half-Life 2 (and Episodes) Honestly, I can respect the quality that the Half-Life
games have, but when I hear the phrase “best shooter”  thrown around I think, “really?
REALLY?” It has solid mechanics, but I never felt anything the series was
any better than any other pillar of shooting.

Halo, to
me, stabilized the shooter layout (2 weapons, melee, grenades) and the Call of
Duty series refined the genre to a tee. So, when I look at those two series, it
makes me wonder what the hub-bub with Half-Life was all about, unless you
were playing for the story, I guess.

: Batman: Arkham Asylum. I honestly hated the last half of this game.
I don’t know why all the horrible boss fights and mini games, broken difficulty
curve, and stupid storyline missteps get left unmentioned in people’s gushing
about the game’s mechanics.

Most Nominated Game: Halo 3

2. What is the top Role-Playing Game of the past 10 years? 

: Knights of the Old Republic. ‘Nuff said.

: Persona 4

: Definitely Kingdom Hearts 2. My favorite
genre is the action-RPG, and that’s because of Kingdom Hearts. The second game
fixed just about everything that was wrong with the first. The
collection and side quest tracking was spot on, and the story was amazing.

The last 1/3 of that game was absolutely epic,
and was everything I wanted from that game. It had a little bit of a slow
start, but it more than made up for it. I’d say persona 4 is a close second to
this top spot, but ultimately it comes down to the sheer fact that I love
action-RPGs a lot more.

: Final Fantasy 10. It’s a
great balance of old and new, deep story, and pretty decent voice acting.
Provided you can overlook Blitzball, it is a truly remarkable game.

Daniel Sims: Phantasy Star Online

: Disgaea. It brought
turn-based strategy-RPG’s back from the brink of extinction.

Most Nominated Game: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (not much of a surprise)

3. What is the top First Person Shooter? 

: Tribes 2. Amazing FPS
action, huge variety of weapons and game mechanics, huge maps, huge player
counts, and it’s still a popular game online if you look at the server lists.

: None. Duke Nukem 3D was the pinnacle of this genre in
1996. The rest are wannabes. ;)

: The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from
Butcher Bay

: Halo. I’ve never had a
better time playing co-op than with this game. In my opinion, this game is the
main reason the Xbox didn’t join the Dreamcast. This was also the first time
I’ve seen FPS enemies react to my assault in an organized manner of any sort.

: Perfect Dark. My choice might not be the
most popular, but it is was one of the most feature complete FPSs when it
came out, and I am still playing it after a full decade. Now that is staying

: Metroid Prime

Most Nominated Game: Half-Life 2

4. What is the top Action game? 

: Uncharted 2: Among
. I know it sounds like a cop-out, but Uncharted 2 does everything right
in the action genre and corrects the flaw shared by all other action games–
having a boring protagonist. Other action titles feature uber-macho assholes that either
curse profusely or say nothing. Drake is fallible, charismatic, and ultimately

: My pick is God of War because of over-the-top blood and gore, epic
boss battles, addictively high combo scores, and Greek mythology.

: Metal Gear Solid 3 (does tactical
espionage/stealth action count?) I’m not really a fan of the Metal Gear games
for the gameplay alone. I tend to just pick off enemies with the tranquilizer gun from
afar and stroll around unmolested. I can handle the boss fights, but they often
feel like a chore. I have never once considered playing on extreme difficulty
or doing a “no alert” run. For all intents and purposes, I should not be anything
more then a casual Metal Gear fan. Yet, every game in the Metal Gear Solid
series is in a tight contention for best execution of a video game story ever.

Thus, I slavishly play through all the games in
the series over and over again, just to keep taking in the nuanced characters,
intelligent themes, and fun weirdness. Metal Gear Solid 3 edges out the others
as the best game, simply because it was Kojima’s most complete thought. It’s a game
that you didn’t have to play any of the others to understand and didn’t have to
be continued by the others to have impact. Its harrowing tale keeps you
guessing until the very end, and then the final reveals leave you in deep
sympathy with the main character and genuinely grieving for another. Too many
cutscenes can sometimes be a good thing.

: Shadow of the Colossus

: This might seem like an odd choice, but I’m definitely going with
Yakuza. I haven’t played Yakuza 2 yet, and I’m sure it’s better, but I’m sold
on the original. This game had everything from a great story to an amazing
soundtrack and everything in between. The action was deep and satisfying. Every time I got a new ability, I instantly knew where it belonged in the scheme
of the combat system, and I used it excitedly. I was always surprised when I was given
something, and could just think to myself, “Fucking sweet, I’m going to use
that all the time”, as opposed to getting tons of abilities that you might never use through the course of the game.

Bryan Glynn: This is an extremely broad category. Given the two
previous questions, I will avoid RPGs and shooters and include just about
everything else. Assassin’s Creed II wins.

Most Nominated Game: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

5. Is there another genre you would like to see represented? If so, what game in that genre should receive special honors? 

: World of Warcraft. Regardless of genre,
WOW should receive honors because of its ability to stay relevant not only in
the MMO market, but the overall video game market as well. Also, it deserves a nod by virtue of
bringing so many new people to video games.

: Most Innovative Game of the Decade? I
would choose Katamari Damacy.

: In all these ‘GOTD’
debates, no one is discussing Wii Sports. Sure, it’s a shallow tech demo, but
it is the game that moved Wii consoles and made it the most successful video
game platform ever. Even though it appeals mostly to soccer moms and retirees,
Wii Sports changed the gaming landscape.

Adventure games. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I do most of my gaming to experience stories, and the Phoenix Wright
series is is one long story wrapped around a few frustrating guessing
games. The fantastic characters, gripping and hilarious writing, occasionally
good (and occasionally loony as hell) puzzle design, and stellar localization
(except for the idiotic decision to try and pass off a story that revolves
heavily around Japanese culture as taking place in the US) all wrap together to
make me play the series over and over again. I can look past the fact that half of
the puzzles are broken messes that force me to resort to trial and error and
FAQs far too often. Not every day can I hate a game’s basic gameplay so much
and yet still be mindlessly devoted to the series.

: Racing/Driving. Rather than a single
game, I would credit the Gran Turismo series as a whole for bringing console
driving games out of the goofy-arcadey-gamey realm and into the true simulator
realm. They might not be perfect, but the trend they started has spawned some
excellent competing games (like Forza and Dirt 2) as well.

Chris Davidson: The Metroidvania genre has a lot
of room to grow still. I think it’s an extremely undertapped genre, and has
lots of room for expansion. The Metroid Primes were great, and I’d like to see
some new franchises explore this territory.

Most Nominated Genre: It’s a tie between Strategy and Fighting!

6. What is the overall best game of the last 10 years? 

: Wow… another *very* tough call. My
choice is tempered by the fact that I am a hardcore car nut, but I have to go
with Gran Turismo 3. The massive number of cars you could obtain and the sheer
number of events you had to do to achieve 100% completion were absolutely astonishing.
GT4 was decent as well, but it was only a mild evolution of the series; it was
the 3rd that really brought it up to speed for me.

: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker took the
tried and true Zelda formula, added in the most vibrant graphics ever, and then
made the dungeons even more fun. Sure, the sailing was as frustrating as it was
fun, but the good parts outweighed the bad in my view.

Wind Waker should have something for every gamer
to enjoy. If you played it and did not like it, there is a good chance that you
hate life. Just sayin’.

: Left 4 Dead, because it
reinvented the “co-operative” style of play. In most games, the co-op
mode is tacked on and just adds another of the same character model to play
with you in the single-player campaign. L4D focused on intense zombie shooting
with cooperation being enforced. A subtle storyline, great voice-acting,
zombie heads blown off left and right, what more could you want? Also, it runs
on the Half-Life 2 engine, and apparently some people think that that’s game of
the decade.

Brian Shirk: Final Fantasy IX. Not only was this massive RPG the pinnacle of
the Final Fantasy franchise — it was also one of the few 40+ hour titles that
I enjoyed from start to finish. There are several reasons why this title was so
enjoyable, but it’s the combination of these factors that makes Final Fantasy
IX the best game of the past ten years. This role-playing game’s phenomenal
music, loveable characters, deep battle system, engaging storyline, and
memorable locales stuck with me like few other games of the opening decade of
the millennium. Final Fantasy IX is truly a work of art.

Rock Band. I know it
sounds cheesy, but it’s the perfect mix of hardcore challenge and casual
accessibility. I can play this game with anyone that comes by my apartment
regardless of their previous gaming experience. Rock Band defined what a music game should be.

Joe Ganis: Team Fortress 2, for the
phenomenal support, art style, gameplay and memorable characters.

Most Nominated Game: Half-Life 2

I started this to prove that Half-Life 2 wasn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite game of the decade, but the majority rules yet again. That doesn’t mean it is a title that Bitmob has unified behind, oh no. 

Here are the official — extremely untidy — results of the survey, Bitmob Community’s Games of the Decade.

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