IForem buys EnMoDA to strengthen its digital privacy options

IForem, a provider of permanent storage for digital information, announced today that it has acquired EnMoDA (short for Encrypted Mobile Data), a startup that lets users encrypt the messages, texts, attachments and voicemail they send to other people’s mobile phones. Coinciding with the buy, iForem also announced that it raised $2 million in new funding from Gabriel Venture Partners.

Based in Redwood Shores, Calif., the company says the deal should allow it to add new products and services to its portfolio of offerings. Now iForem customers storing data on iForem’s Private Communications Network will have access to even more security and privacy protection options.

The company specializes in protecting important documents for its customers, including wills, family photos, corporate agreements and proprietary software code. The storage is permanent, made possible by putting money into a trust account to perpetually pay fees to a third-party vendor that provides the storage. Right now, the vendor being used is So even if iForem goes out of business, the trust will continue to pay out to someone.

IForem previously raised $1 million from Gabriel in March of last year.