When Hollywood and Video Games Collide…Posters Are Born

For a long time, posters provided the only insight into a film’s quality. Cinephiles and casual moviegoers were forced to choose which film to see based on a single photo and a short tagline. Throughout the ’70s and ’80s, video games were developed in the same information blackout, with box art being the only indicator of a game’s value. Nowadays, we have the Internet, which offers interviews, previews, and reviews — all for free!

Andrew Miller of SomethingAwful seems somehow opposed to the wealth of data on the ‘Net. In an effort to bring back the charm of days gone by, he has cobbled together the efforts of SA community members — who have been busy superimposing video games onto the most recognizable Hollywood posters. 

From Platoon to Independence Day, films of differing quality all receive the video game treatment. It’s ironic that some of these films seem more appealing with gaming titles attached to them. But then again, some look completely awful.

Follow the jump to see more of these outlandish mashups, and click here to see some of the posters not included in this article. Let’s just hope you understand all of these film and video game references — some of them are pretty esoteric [via SomethingAwful].


Army of Darkness

“Alright you Primitive screwheads, listen up! You see this? This… is my boomstick!”

Eternal Darkness

Oh man, I shouldn’t be laughing at this. But I am!

Starfox 64

Will Smith’s ears would make him perfect for the role of Peppy Hare. But who the hell would play Slippy?

Desert Bus

I wouldn’t watch Speed. Not even for charity. No way.

Van Helsing

An obvious, but nonetheless funny, melange of Castlevania and Van Helsing

Escape from New York

Solid Snake surfing? Who knew!

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