Office software maker Zoho connects with Facebook

Zoho, a company offering an array of more than 20 web-based office applications covering everything from email to documents to sales to invoices, just announced that it’s supporting Facebook Connect. That means users can sign into Zoho with their Facebook login, and tie their Facebook accounts to their accounts on Zoho.

As a company going up against more well-known competitors like Google Apps, Zoho has previously taken steps to open up to other account types, and therefore to lower the barrier to using its products — most notably, Zoho allows users to log in using Google or Yahoo accounts. These moves make it easier for users to give Zoho a try, and perhaps even more importantly, mean that it’s easier for a company that uses Zoho to collaborate or share documents with others without worrying if everyone else has a Zoho account.

Facebook might seem like more of a stretch, since it’s not seen as a business tool, but Zoho says it wants to reach the social network’s hundreds of millions of users. And in fact, Zoho already released applications that work within Facebook itself.

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