Bitmob High Score Challenge: Word Challenge (with Frogger Results)

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I'm in a funk over Canadian-Crosby pulling our pants down in overtime of the Gold Medal hockey match, so I want some revenge. I'm calling all Canadians to play us Americans in game I know we can beat you in — Spelling. More specifically, Word Challenge on Facebook.

This Week's Game: Word Challenge

When: Feb 28 – Jan 7

Where: Facebook

What You'll Win: A big vocabulary

How to Join: Add me on Facebook and go to the game. Just post a comment in here so I know who is playing. 

On Twitter? Post your scores with the hashtag #beadickmode. 

What Is This Game: It is like a word find game. You get a mixed up word and try to make the most words as possible from the letters of that word. If you get the word that uses all the letters then you get a bonus round where you have to spell out the name of a friend from the mixed up letters. 

Pro Tip: Use the keyboard to type your words — don't be a DeRosa and try to use the mouse — the space bar resorts the letters and the ctrl key advances your to the next word or to the bonus round. 

The first annual George Costanza Classic has come to an end and I think George would be proud. We had some fierce competition, but I'm happy to announce that the greatest man I know — me — came back on Saturday to win before the games ended.

We had some issues. The game kept resetting scores. I know that I lost Cameron's score, sorry. That won't be an issue with this weeks game. 

Here are the scores:

Top 3 Frogger Players


1. NeoJobe – Jeff Grubb

2. AngryJedi – Pete Davison 23,020
3. NintendoTheory – Cody Winn 22,680
4. Jazz – Jazz English  16,720 
5. SwiftTheRedFox – Joshua Henderson 16,240
6. Magitek85 – Alex Cronk-Young 15,000 something
7. EternalBeta – Derek Lavigne 14,140

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