Facebook inbox tweaks coming in May

Facebook giveth and Facebook taketh away.

This week, the company remove app-to-user notifications, which were a critical part of the way developers recruit and keep users engaged in their games. Now the company gave a timeline for when it will beef up the inbox with features that are more app-friendly.

In May, the company will move application invites to a new part of the inbox. Users will also be able to share application content with each other through the inbox (see screenshot below). Facebook hasn’t ironed out exact details of this implementation, but users might be able to click a Share or “Send message” button in the application and pre-fill out one name and put an attachment to the message. The feature needs to be designed carefully, so that users don’t get turned off by spam in the new inbox tab. The tweaks were supposed to come earlier according to InsideFacebook, but it appears they were pushed back by two months.

Initial reports about the fallout of this week’s changes from AllFacebook pointed a big drop-off in activity, but the biggest developers have told us they’re holding off on making a conclusive judgment until after a full week of data.

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