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Welcome to another Edition of For What it's Worth, where bargain titles are examined to see if they truly are worth your bottom dollar. It's March, the cold (so very cold) clammy hands of old man Winter have just about released us from their grip, as we wait for the warm embrace of Spring. What better way to celebrate than with the release of Mega Man 10?

As I said in my Mega Man retrospective, the Mega Man franchise happens to be my all-time favorite and I figured that even without a current gen console in which to play Mega Man 10 (or 9 for that matter) I could still celebrate the release all month with a string of new reviews as well as some special articles revolving around Capcom's little blue mascot. So prepare yourself for some more Mega March!

I just want to say a couple more things before we start with the review. Number one: Each Mega March review will feature a game from a different Mega Man series. That way different aspects of the timeline are represented. Number 2: I have gone back to reviewing games that come with a cost, so my old scoring system is now back. I may do some more free games in the future but for now lets stick to those dollar signs.

Tonight we start things off with a title from the Game Boy spin-off series of the original classic series of Mega Man games.

Mega Man: Dr Wily's Revenge is the first title in this spin-off series which lasted for five games and it features elements from the first two Mega Man games from the NES as well as a couple of new surprises.

Since this is an old school Game Boy title (released in 91), you maybe able to find it at a shop that sells used games (like I did) or on the Internet for a far price or dare I say bargain?

Is this mega blast from the past worth digging up or should it stay buried along side copies of Mega Man Soccer?    

Isn't that cropped out from the Mega Man 3 cover?


Story: I don't know. Dr. Wily is pissed and sends out some of the old robot masters from Mega Man 1 to destroy the Blue Bomber once and for all. Mega Man kills them then goes to Wily's castle, kills four of the robot masters from Mega Man 2 and Enker. Wait. Who the Hell is that? After that he kicks Wily in the ass or some shit like that. I don't know. Plot wasn't exactly the strongest suit of the classic series. 

Graphics & Design: Well it's classic 8-bit… sort of. It maybe downgraded, (this is the Game Boy after all) but it looks great on the good old yellow and black screen. Sigh. If anyone has complaints playing it without color, then I would suggest playing it on Game Boy Color or the Game Boy Advanced so you can play it on what ever color setting you choose. 

Sound: We get some vintage (God how I've come that fricken word) Mega Man tracks and sound effects from the NES, as well as some originals. Of course they are downgraded, again Game Boy. But for Game Boy quality sound, this is the cream of the crop. 

Gameplay: It has the exact gameplay style as the Mega Man games on the NES, although like in Mega Man 1 & 2 you don't have the ability to slide or use the charge shot, and Rush isn't in the game either. Oh and I mention that it was almost as hard as those two games? Although the robot masters are pretty easy once you figure out their patterns. Except for Cut Man. For some reason, I could only beat him once. Flash Man can actually be a pain in the ass to, although Quick Man can be beaten pretty easily. How ironic. Anyway remember to write down those passwords. 

Extra Features: None, but that is to be expected from a classic Game Boy title.

Replay Value: It is a relatively short game but is hard and it will take repeated play-throughs to master each of the levels. Even after the adventure is over it still has the lasting appeal of the NES classics.

Over All value: Retail Price- $10 (used)  

                          What it's Worth: $20

I wouldn't necessarily say that it ranks up there with the very best in the Mega Man franchise but it is a fun little Mega Man game and is great to have when you're on the go.

Until next time Happy Hunting.

By the way, this is Enker.

He's one of the 5 Mega Man killers from the Game Boy spin off series.

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