Evan Williams tries to do-over SXSW interview via Twitter

Although Twitter co-founder and and chief executive Evan Williams made a couple of interesting points during his keynote interview, the consensus was that it did not go well — as a number of Twitter users noted, it seemed like interviewer Umair Haque spent as much time talking about his own ideas as Williams did. I sat near the front of the packed keynote auditorium, and by halfway through I noticed that the seats around me were starting to empty. Someone told me afterward that they fell asleep.

Following the tradition of journalist Sarah Lacy’s similarly-criticized interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at SXSW in 2008, where Zuckerberg staged a second interview where he engaged more directly with the audience, Williams offered to answer more questions over Twitter:

I heard on the backchannel that people want me to answer tougher questions,” he tweeted. “What’ya want to know? Will answer 10. Go.”

A lot of the questions and especially answers have been pretty vague, but sometimes Williams wasn’t afraid to get specific. For example: “What am I thinking right now?” Williams: “Lady Gaga.”

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