Just Cause 2 Will Ruin Your Life

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I’ve been playing Just Cause 2 for the last three days, and I’ve got to be honest with you: The game is ruining my life. The world is ridiculously huge, and I can’t stop exploring it. In fact, this article is 20 minutes late because I couldn't stop myself from flying back and forth over an island in an effort to discover more locations.

OK, I know I sound like a lunatic here — the game can’t be that huge, right? I can’t be that addicted, right? Surely your life won't be ruined as well, right? Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to take any footage or screenshots from the game, or else I would dazzle you with pictures and video from my many, many adventures. Instead, I'll share some numbers with you.

Here are some general stats from the game:

400+: Square miles that make up the island nation of Panau.

200: Missions to play (admittedly, these don't have a ton of variety).

100+: Boats, cars, motorcycles, planes, and helicopters.

350+: Towns, villages, cities, ports, airports, and military bases.

Hit the jump to see some of the stats I’ve racked up thus far.


Here are the stats from my latest save:

16 hours, 57 minutes, 59 seconds: Amount of time I’ve played Just Cause 2 in the last three days

12: Percentage of the game I’ve completed.

157: Locations I've discovered.

56: Kilometers I've driven.

51: Different vehicles I've driven.

2: Types of aircraft I have yet to fly.

303: Resource items acquired (I think there are like 2,700 of them).

899: Total kills.

71: Melee kills.

77: Headshots.

0: Ninjas killed (Must. Find. Ninjas).

130: Fuel depots destroyed.

716: Highest BASE jump (in meters).

22: Hijackings.

You might have noticed that my completion percentage is rather anemic — especially since I’ve played for almost 17 hours. Here’s the thing: I really, really have a thing for taking over airports for my faction. The airports are huge, and they’re well protected, so it takes a decent chunk of time to completely take over.

Why spend so much time at the airport? Once it’s under my control, enemy soldiers are no longer around, and I have access to whatever aircraft are there. Sometimes I jack an airliner and cruise above the clouds; occasionally I grab a fighter jet and pepper small villages with rockets. It all depends on what’s there.

You know, all of this talk about stealing planes and blowing stuff up reminds me that I’m not doing either right now! If you want to cause some chaos, grab the demo and get started.

OK, I gotta go. Really. Leave me alone. Back to the game!

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