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By the time you read this, PAX East will have officially begun — and if the guest list to Bitmob's meet-up is any indication, plenty of you will be in Boston with me, Mike Minotti, and Pixel Revolt hosts Derek Lavigne and Jeff Grubb.

While you're waiting for the next panel to start or waiting in an epic line for five minutes with an upcoming game, why not write an article for Bitmob? Over the weekend and into the next week, we'll be collecting all of the PAX-related stories in this content hub.

So to find out the latest and greatest goings-on of the Bitmob community at PAX East, this is your place. Check back often!



The Red Dead Redemption Preview PETA Doesn't Want You to See - Mike Minotti

Mike got to see Red Dead Redemption at PAX East. Now you get to see him seeing it…in comic form! Check out the decidedly not PETA-approved adventures he had in the Wild West of Redemption.

PAX East Red Dead Redemption Preview! – Chris Davidson

A jerk manning the demo station at Rockstar's booth ruins Chris's experience with Red Dead Redemption.

PAX East: Puzzle Quest 2 Preview! – Chris Davidson

Chris previews the new features found in the upcoming sequel to the you-got-your-Bejeweled-in-my-RPG game Puzzle Quest.

3 Notes Made While Playing Bad Company 2 in 3D – Brett Bates

Brett got to try out Bad Company 2 in 3D at PAX East. Here are three notes he jotted down during his play session.

PAX East 2010 Hands-on: Limbo – Evan Killham

Evan snagged some hands-on impressions of Limbo, Playdead's creepy Xbox Live Arcade game.

PAX East 2010 Hands-on: Calling – Evan Killham

Evan dials up some impressions of Hudson Soft's Calling, a Wii-exclusive horror game that has apparently been out for several weeks.

Comic Jumper Loves Donuts? – Derek Lavigne

Derek's preview of Twisted Pixel's Comic Jumper includes the delicious tidbit that the "Everybody Loves Donuts" songwriter from 'Splosion Man is working on the game.

6 Tips to Winning at Crackdown 2's Rocket Tag – Brett Bates

Ruffian Games Creative Director Billy Thomson offers six tips to coming out on top in Crackdown 2's chaotic Rocket Tag multiplayer mode.

Shank Demo – Blood, Guts, and Story – Meghan Ventura

Meghan's preview looks at the hand-drawn XBLA brawler Shank. Will it usher in a renaissance of 2D beat-em-ups?



PAX East: A Few Lines About Lines – Brett Bates

For all of the wonderful community interaction at PAX, for all of the boozing and nerding and gaming and generally having the time of his life, the thing that looms largest in Brett's memory of PAX is the lines.

PAX East: The Line Experience – Evan Killham

Evan describes five types of people you may have encountered while waiting in line at PAX East.

PAX East's Enforcers: Paying It Forward from One Community to Another – Meghan Ventura

Meghan profiles the red-shirted volunteers who kept everything — and everyone — in line at PAX East.

The People of PAX East – Meghan Ventura

Meghan interviews a number of PAX East attendees to find out what prompted them to come to the convention.

What PAX East Means to Me – Derek Lavigne

The story of how Derek's first gaming convention offered him a chance to overcome his social anxiety.

I Wish I Had a Press Badge at PAX East – Chris Davidson

Chris waits…and waits…and waits…to get some hands-on time with Red Dead Redemption.

PAX East Bitmob Meet-up! – Chris Davidson

Chris tells his sordid tales of a night boozing with Bitmob and G4 at PAX East.

PAX Was Packed! – Tony DaSilva

Tony felt the crush of the 60,000 or so souls who flooded the Hynes Convention Center.

I Went to PAX East and Lived to Tell the Tale! – David Ngo

David meticulously details his PAX East experiences in this epic post. Be sure to check out his photos of cosplayers, booth setups, and swag.

Things I Did at PAX East – Harold Burnett

Harold describes his PAX East weekend in list form. My favorite bullet point is the last one.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast's PAX Special – A.J. Minotti

This special edition of the Exploding Barrel podcast includes contributions from the Pixel Revolt cast and numerous other Bitmob community members.

PAX Crowds

Coming Home to PAX East – Pete Davison

Pete recounts a moving tale of finding his true home among the geeks and nerds of PAX.

Chris Davidson vs. PAX East: Episode 1 – Chris Davidson

The first episode of Chris's recap covers lines, BattleBlock Theater, and why Jeff Green is awesome.

PAX East 2010: The Good, the Bad, and Very Little Ugly – Luke Flora

Aside from a few isolated incidents, Luke found his PAX experience to be quite pleasant. Be sure to watch his video of an impromptu rendition of Portal's "Still Alive." 

PAX East: Print Finds its Niche at the "Death of Print" Panel – Michael Rougeau

Is print really dead? Michael seeks answers at a panel featuring Gamepro's John Davison and former Games for Windows Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jeff Green.

My PAX East Experience, by the Numbers – Brian Taylor

Brian breaks down PAX East by the numbers. Can you guess how many shaggy white dudes with beards he spotted?

PAX East: A Saturday in Boston – Chris Cosmo Ross

Chris meets one of his idols and has dinner with some of the Bitmob staff. Not bad for one day!

Photos and Videos:

PAX East 2010 Guerrilla Shoot – Richard Tiernan

Richard documents the road trip he and his friends took to PAX East.

PAX East 2010: Yet Another Bunch of Photos – Evan Killham

PAX East through the lens of Evan Killham's camera.

Everything You Ever Needed to Know for Attending a Video Game Concert – Meghan Ventura

Meghan spliced together clips of her experiences with the many video game concerts held during PAX East.

PAX East 2010: A Montage – A.J. Minotti

A.J. stitched together some of the video he took at PAX East into one handy montage!

PAX East 2010 Photos – Brian Taylor

Brian's photos from the expo are beautiful. Somebody hire this guy for their gamer wedding!

Bitmob Meet-up

PAX East 2010: Bitmob Community Meet-up via Jeff Grubb's Camera – Jeff Grubb

Jeff Grubb's camera provides a lens to the awesomeness that transpired at the Bitmob meet-up.

PAX East: Swag (Pics) – Chris Cosmo Ross

Chris lays out all of the free stuff he obtained while wandering the expo halls.

Bitmob PAX East Meet-up Photos – A.J. Minotti

A.J.'s photos perfectly capture the good spirits present at the Bitmob meet-up.


I'm Too Stupid to Play an Early Build – Michael Edwards

Michael is unhappy about the number of not-yet-released games playable at PAX East. Do you think publishers should let more gamers preview games?

Pixel Revolt: Special PAX East Edition — Responses Needed! – Derek Lavigne

The Pixel Revolt podcasters want to hear about your PAX East stories. Indulge them, won't you?

The Fantastic, Handmade Mother 3 Figurines from Fangamer (PAX East 2010) - Meghan Ventura

Meghan ogles the hand-sculpted figurines at the Fangamer booth set up at PAX East.


Pre-PAX East: How to Get Into the Games Industry, with Major Nelson – Michael Rougeau

Michael travels to the Microsoft New England Research and Development center (NERD — get it?) to find out how Microsoft's Larry Hryb and other employees got their start in the games industry.

Hands-on PlayStation Move Demos at PlayStation Blog's Boston Meet-up – Meghan Ventura

At this pre-show event, Meghan gets her hands on Sony's upcoming motion controller. Is she moved by what she sees?

Bitmob Community Meet-up: PAX East — This Friday! – Derek Lavigne

The Bitmob Community Meet-up was a huge success!

DS for PAX East

Packing for PAX East – Brian Taylor

Arty photo documentation of the goods Brian packed for PAX East.

Gearing Up for PAX East: A Noob's Survival Guide to Boston – Matt Giguere

Never been to Boston? Matt's handy guide offers handy tips for the nerdy visitor.

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