Spotlight: PAX East, Halo: Reach, and Jaime Escalante

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What a charming spring day. Why not sit at an outside café while you read today’s Community Spotlight? I’m writing it from one.

Spanish Matters: How Univision and Gamespot Are Adapting to the Growing Hispanic Market in the U.S.
By Juan Letona
Spanish language television giant Univision’s latest attempt to connect with the Hispanic gaming population has them teaming up with Gamespot. Will Gamespot’s reporting just be translated into Spanish, or will a separate team of editors compile stories to appeal to Hispanic interests? Juan offers his own ideas on how this partnership will work, but he'd like to hear the Bitmob community's ideas, too.

The Pile of Shame: One Gamer’s Reflection
By Michael Wenzel
Sometimes finances just don’t stretch far enough to consume every game out there. This generates the seemingly unending pile of shame that I think just about every gamer has. Michael’s dedication to making a career out of writing about games has kept him current, but his new pile of shame is littered with half-finished titles he’d love to revisit.


Halo Highlight Reel: Zombies and Reach, Oh My!
By Patrick Bonk
If you’re eager to get into the upcoming Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, Patrick has a few words of advice, including what you’ll need to have to even access the beta information.  He also drops a helpful hint about how get early access.

Generation Kimo Sabe: How Jaime Escalante Can Inspire Minorities to Get into Video Games
By Juan Letona
Jaime Escalante — the Los Angeles teacher who fought to prove that minority students from all walks of life could succeed in math and science classes — passed away last month. Juan honors his memory by looking back at his accomplishments and how he can continue to inspire minorities to pursue careers in the video game industry.

PAX East Hub
By Bitmobbers
A lot happened at PAX East, and a staggering number of Bitmobbers are sharing their stories. Be sure to check out this central hub for all things related to PAX. 

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