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I enjoy manipulating words and finding strange patterns in them. I've read books full of these sorts of brain-bending questions such as, "What word in the English language has three consecutive sets of double letters?" (The answer is "bookkeeper.")

I've created some video-game related word puzzles of my own to test your mental acuity. Good luck!

If you get stuck, click here for the answers.

1) This Ubisoft franchise has three sets of (non-consecutive) double letters.

2) The title of this popular EA franchise contained vowels in the first two years it was released, but has become vowel-free since then.


3) The name of this classic shooter would read the same forwards and backwards if you added an "A" to the beginning.

4) If you change the seventh letter of the name of this PS3 exclusive to an "R", it becomes a word that means "not burned."

5) If you remove the first two letters of this arcade classic, replace them with a single "O", and reverse what's left, you'll have the name of the company that developed this game.

6) If you take this Nintendo franchise and split it in to two words after the third letter, it sounds like slang for "performance enhancing drug belonging to a New York baseball player."

7) What two-word Capcom series would form two new titles that are still valid words in the English language if you removed the last two letters of the second word, one at a time?

8) What recent Eidos release sees the letter "A" appear five times before the appearance of any other vowel?

9) What current, popular game contains only six letters, three of which are the same (and only) vowel?

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